Autumn Defense Preps LP; Shares RSD 45; Hangs at Blurt Offices

Pat John

Stirratt and Sansone tout the eternal eternal-ness of record stores.

 By Fred Mills

 We got a treat here at BLURT central — which shares space with Raleigh, NC, indie shop Schoolkids Records—this past Wednesday (Nov. 6). John Stirratt and Pat Sansone, who are also multi-instrumentalists in Wilco, natch, dropped by to chat, shop for records, and film some video testimonials for Record Store Day 2014, which of course takes place in selected indie shops (like Schoolkids) across the nation each year. While the cameras rolled, the pair settled down on the stuffed couch and proceeded to spin anecdotes about their fave record stores over the years and some of the recent scores they’d made in the past and here at the store on Wednesday.

Pat Sansone

John Stirratt

Yep Roc, their label which is releasing their upcoming Fifth in January (listen to a track, below), will be creating a video culled from the footage, and in that vein… the Autumn Defense will have a special split 7” with labelmate Josh Rouse for RSD. It’s a Fleetwood Mac-centric release, with Rouse covering Lindsay Buckingham’s solo track “Trouble” and the Autumn Defense doing Bob Welch’s “Sentimental Lady.” Good stuff all around.

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