Audio Track: New From Finland’s Scarlet Youth

Scarlet Youth

Tune culled from just released sophomore effort via Saint Marie.

 By Blurt Staff

 Scarlet Youth comes from Finland and Germany and took it first steps back in 2004, but started working more actively in 2007 as Markus Baltes and Kalle Pyyhtinen joined forces. First EP Breaking The Patterns was released in 2009 and the line-up was strengthened by Jaani Peuhu (Iconcrash), Riku Hermanni Mattila (Iconcrash) and Marko Soukka (Kemopetrol). By the end of 2010 the band released their debut album Goodbye Doesn’t Mean I’m Gone, which gained widely positive feedback and it was also released in Japan by Quince Records in spring 2011.

 Check out a new track from the band right here:

Two years after the release of that debut album,  Scarlet Youth has finished their second album The Everchanging View which introduces a slightly evolved sound of the band; indie pop with touch of analog synthesizers, layers of percussions, heavy use of strings, lively bass lines and breezy vocals – all wrapped up into a beautiful dreaminess. Influences absorbed include artists of the ‘70s all through today. Texas label Saint Marie Records releases the album this week.

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Scarlet Youth

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