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Grammar and spelling correcting will generate an additional fee…

 By Uncle Blurt

Some days we write the news, other days the news writes… you know. Or in today’s instance, the music biz spam emails we get at the BLURT editorial foxhole offers us insta-news items on what is probably gonna be a slow news day. Below, enjoy one such email pitch that just got slipped over the transom. Good god, this is the most blatant come-on I’ve ever seen for a publication to jettison all credibility and journalistic integrity. Hmmm…

Guarantee: all dialogue reported verbatim, with the exception of the redactions (hey, I can be an asshole, but I’m not a cruel asshole), as I am not into calling folks out. Plus, I have a feeling that a lot of you reading this right now probably got the same piece of bulk-email spam today. Oh, and the boldface is my emphasis as well: (1) given the frequency of grammar and spelling errors I detect in the daily deluge of music biz spam and publicity pitches, I am sorely tempted to see what one of these so-called “cleaned up” pieces looks like; (2) given our lean budget here at BLURT, I’m equally tempted to reply with, I dunno, a five-figure cost estimate just to see where negotiations might lead; and (3) oh, the mind boggles… how about naked photos for starters? or courtside seats at next year’s NCAA Final Four? hell, I might even settle for a songwriting co-credit on the client’s next album…

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Artist interviews needed for my clients!

 I am looking for several high traffic music blogs that will publish interviews for our clients. I will provide the client with the interview questions and clean up the grammar and spelling after they submit the answers to me. From there, I submit the interview to you for publication.

 Are you interested? If so, what is the cost? Do you have additional submission requirements?

 Take a look at our Twitter page to get an idea of the clients we work with: [redacted]

 Our recent posts will show you the email marketing work we do for our clients. These are the type of artists who would be looking for interviews on various blogs.

 If you need to call, I can be reached at: [redacted]




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