Ass Ponys to Ride Again!


C’mon – did you really think we would NOT draft a headline like the one above? Now go out and see how many other media outlets came up with the same thing…

By Uncle Blurt

Back in the late ’80s and early ’90s Cincy’s Ass Ponys were a terrific respite from the galloping flannel-shirted hordes of Sabbath-worshipers, a breath of fresh manure amidst an era of unbridled sonic poop. Wow, did I just write that drek? Anyhoo, the band’s hi-nrg brand of proto-alterna-country rock was profound indeed, and for more than a decade they kept their fans as off-kilter as their music. Hell, they even landed on MTV and in the flick Empire Records. Must-owns: 1990 debut Mr. Superlove and 2000’s Some Stupid With a Flare Gun.

The Ass Ponys put the beast out to pasture (sorry) in 2005 and the members went on to other exploits, most notably vocalisit/guitarist Chuck Cleaver with the mighty Wussy. They did reunite for a show in 2013, and now they’ve announced a fresh trifecta of reunion shows in Cincy for Nov. 5, 6 and 7. ‘Nuf sed! Ticketing details are HERE and Blurt is already booking a ride on the regional pony express for early November….

Let us review and genuflect:

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