Arrr! Patti Smith Plans to Tackle Robert Louis Stevenson

Patti Smith crop

Don’t get excited, Treasure Island fans – she’s looking at his poetry, not his novels….

 By Blurt Staff

Britain’s The Guardian is reporting that prior to doing a performance at the Edinburgh international festival of poems by Allen Ginsberg, accompanied by composer Philip Glass, Patti Smith indicated that she’s thinking of performing some of author/poet Robert Louis Stevenson, having been a fan of his work from childhood. Said Smith, “His poems were my companions, my friends. [I was a] very sickly child. I had pneumonia, I contracted TB, scarlet fever, every childhood disease. And my two favourite books were [William Blake’s] Songs of Innocence and Experience, and Stevenson’s poems. ‘Bed in Summer,’ ‘The Land of Nod’ – all of these poems I read over and over as a child. They spoke to me. Robert Louis Stevenson was also a sickly child who knew what it was like to hear other children playing outside his window. Not only that, but the dreamscapes that we get into as children.”

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