Arcade Fire Taking a Critical Beating for Not Filling Arenas?

File Under: Kicking ‘em While They’re Down Dept.

By Barbi Martinez

Sundry music media outlets are licking their lips from barely-contained schadenfreude at the news that the current North American tour by Arcade Fire isn’t going as well as the band or its promoter might like. The band’s presumed sin? All those quirky/aggravating promotional stunts that accompanied the rollout of the Everything Now album.

As The Globe And Mail reports:

“Blame it on the new album or the marketing campaign for it, or on ticket prices and the popularity of rock music in 2017. Whatever the case, Arcade Fire is struggling to fill arenas on its North American tour. Just 4,263 fans showed up for the Canadian band’s Quebec City show, 4,004 in Tampa, 5,614 in Austin, Tex., and 5,051 in Dallas, Billboard and Pollstar boxscore figures show. All of the venues have a capacity to seat roughly 10,000 to 20,000 people.”

The publication did not, however, that “the group has played to larger crowds in some cities, including Los Angeles and New York. It also added a second show at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre (which takes place on Saturday).”

Among numerous websites and blogs, Stereogum was very quick to jump in the report, drafting the following 24-pt. headline: “Arcade Fire Reportedly Playing To Half-Empty Arenas On Current TourWrote Peter Helmen, “Arcade Fire’s new album Everything Now didn’t get the warmest critical reception, and it seems that their tour in support of it isn’t getting the biggest fan turnout.”

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