Arcade Fire “Reflektor” Single Surfaces as 3-song Promo EP

Arcade Fire

Hmmm… what strange, enigmatic message is “for overhead play” supposed to convey? Those wacky Arcaders!

 By Fred Mills

 In advance of tonight’s 9/9 9pm official release for Arcade Fire’s “Reflektor” single – the topic of much interweb conversation over the past few days, and subsequently bolstered by the release of the Vincent Morisset-directed interactive video ( – selected indie retail stores opening up their snail mail this afternoon were greeted with an Arcade Fire swag package. Specifically, “Reflektor” buttons, posters and reflective stickers to hand out to customers… and a special promotional-only 3-song CD EP containing 3 versions of “Reflektor.”

 The CD is titled “For Overhead Play” and those “versions” sound suspiciously identical to one another, so you can read between the lines. But hey, it’s Arcade Fire, so it’s an instant collectible, so start hunting, fanboys!

 The takeaway from all this: When is a collectible that’s not really a collectible a collectible? When it’s by fookin’ Arcade Fire, mate! Start trawling eBay….

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