Against All Odds, The Fall Schedules a New LP


By Uncle Blurt

Breakups? Check. Drugs? Check. Fights onstage? Check. Crucial recording we can’t do without? HELL YEAH!!!

Yer ol’ Uncle has seen Mark E. Smith & Co. many times over the years, so the following press release just makes moi shiver-a with anticipation. Read on….


THE FALL “Sub-Lingual Tablet””: Brand new 31st album recorded in Manchester over the last year and produced by Mark E. Smith coming to the US on June 9.

Sub-Lingual Tablet is The Fall’s 31st studio album. Featuring all the trademarks of a great Fall record, Sub-Lingual Tablet comprises 11 tracks and is being released on CD and limited edition vinyl. The vinyl features different mixes. The current Fall line-up is as follows: Peter Greenway (lead guitar), Keiron Melling (drums), Elena Poulou (keyboards,vocals), Mark E. Smith (vocals) and David Spurr (bass).


  1. Venice With The Girls
  2. Black Root
  3. Dedication Not Medication
  4. First One Today
  5. Junger Cloth
  6. Stout Man
  7. Auto Chip 2014-2016
  8. Pledge
  9. Snazzy
  10. Fibre Book Troll
  11. Quit iPhone

The Fall is noted for its prolific output: in addition to the studio albums they have released more than triple that, counting live albums and other compilations.

Founded by its only constant member, Mark E. Smith, The Fall formed in Manchester in 1976 and has existed ever since. Musically, there may have been several stylistic changes over the years, but it is often characterised by an abrasive guitar-driven sound and frequent use of repetition, always underpinned by Smith’s distinctive vocals and often cryptic lyrics.


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