AC/DC To Split; Malcolm Young’s Health Cited


UPDATE: The band reportedly will tour this year with a temporary replacement guitarist.

Rhythm guitarist/band founder rumored to have had a stroke, and possibly has Alzheimer’s.

 By Fred Mills

 In terms of band breakups, this one’s huge: this morning the Australian media kicked into a frenzy after Perth radio station 6PR read an email from a person calling himself “Thunderstruck” floating the rumor that AC/DC was on the verge of splitting up:

 “I have extremely good contacts in Europe that are very close to AC/DC. I have it on very good authority that one of the band members is quite ill and has returned to Australia with his family. AC/DC members have previously made a pact that no band members will be replaced should someone need to leave the band. No more is currently being said, however the particularly ill member of AC/DC’s son has stated that AC/DC may well be over.”

 The member in question is Malcolm Young, who in the past has been rumored is afflicted with early onset of Alzheimer’s, although no confirmation of that has occurred. In the current situation, Young is rumored to have suffered a stroke that left a blood clot on his brain, but that has yet to be confirmed as well. AD/DC headquarters Albert Music has not issued a statement yet. (Go here to read a lengthy report on Young, including presumed details about the stroke.)

 Meanwhile, back in February it was reported that the band would be going into the studio in May, additionally planning a 40th anniversary tour, although in reports around that time vocalist Brian Johnson acknowledged that one of the members was indeed very ill. Johnson is quoted as saying, “We didn’t like to say anything, and we’re very private about things like this, so we didn’t wanna say anything. But I think we’ll be going in the studio in May in Vancouver.”

 Full details as they emerge.

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