A.J. Croce Releases 4th in Yearlong Singles Series

AJ Croce

New track is co-written with Brian Karcsig and produced by Grammy winner Kevin Killen

 By Fred Mills

 Twelve Tales is an ambitious new project by singer-songwriter A.J. Croce in which he’s releasing a song each month during 2013 — essentially, in his words, “delivering a dozen new tracks recorded by multiple legendary producers across a variety of American cities.”

 January, February and March saw “Right On Time” (produced by Kevin Killen of U2 and Elvis Costello fame), “Momentary Lapse of Judgement” (produced by Cowboy Jack Clement) and “Tarnished and Shining” (produced by Allen Toussaint), respectively. Just released was April’s single, “Keep the Change,” co-written with Brian Karcsig of Louis XIV (currently sitting in with The Killers on tour) and produced by Killen. It’s out on iTunes and via Seedling Records – full details can be found at Croce’s official website.

 According to Croce, “Twelve Tales is turning out to be the most unique and challenging album I’ve made to date. Each producer brings a new unique dimension, and traveling around the US to record with all these talented players is a real treat. This project is like a musical jigsaw puzzle without a box. I won’t see the full picture until the last song is completed.”

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