‘80s College Rockers Translator Preps Archival Release


The kind of flashback that we are needing these days.

By Blurt Staff

Translator burst onto the music scene in 1982 with its Modern Rock radio/MTV hit “Everywhere That I’m Not.” Success continued to grow through the band’s four major label-distributed releases, but the group eventually ran its course and split in ’86. Twenty-five years later, though, the band regrouped, played the SXSW festival, and cut a new record.

To rewind all the way to beginning: Translator formed in 1979 with singer/guitarist Steve Barton, bassist Larry Dekker and Dave Scheff on drums. The core trio was soon joined by Robert Darlington and Translator was signed to Howie Klein’s Sony Music-distributed 415 Records imprint (also home to Romeo Void, Red Rockers, and Wire Train) on the strength of its demo tape. Their first two releases were produced by David Kahne (Paul McCartney, Bangles, Tony Bennett, Sublime), while Ed Stasium (Ramones, Living Colour and The Smithereens) helmed the next pair.

Omnivore Recordings is now set to release Sometimes People Forget, a collection of Translator demos that span from 1979 through 1985. The package contains 22 tracks, only two of which have only previously been available on a rare compilation, including early versions of hits like “Everywhere That I’m Not.” You also get material produced by the legendary Elliot Mazer, and included will be photos, ephemera and liners from Barton (the set’s co-producer) and notes from producers David Kahne and Ed Stasium, as well as Steve Berlin (Los Lobos).

According to Barton, “We are so thrilled about this album. It is a collection of 22 demos, all handpicked from the band’s personal archives, including tracks from when we were a trio in L.A. in 1979. Listening to the record in sequence, I really get the scope and diversity of Translator. What an amazing little band. The four of us make a pretty glorious noise together.”


  1. Translator *
    2.             Lost
    3.             Everywhere That I’m Not
    4.             Fiendish Thingy *
    5.             Optimism
    6.             Necessary Spinning
    7.             Eraser
    8.             Get Out
    9.             Everything Is Falling
    10.         Gravity
    11.         We Fell Away
    12.         Winter Crying
    13.         Inside My Mind
    14.         Is There a Heaven Singing
    15.         My Restless Heart (French Version)
    16.         These Old Days
    17.         Friends of the Future
    18.         Fall Forever
    19.         Breathless Agony
    20.         Brouhaha
    21.         Standing in Line
    22.         I’ll Be Your Summer

All Selections Previously Unissued Except *


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