Kim Gordon Forms New Band Glitterbust


Space rockin’ par excellence!

By Barbi Martinez

Kim Gordon is one of my all-time heroes, so it broke my heart when Sonic Youth split in 2011 in the wake of Thurston Moore’s infidelity. To her eternal credit, though, she’s maintained her high standards ever since, not only as one-half of noise duo Body/Head but also with her best-selling memoir of last year, Girl In a Band.

Now she’d got a new project called Glitterbust, another duo, which features Alex Knost of improv outfit Tomorrows Tulips. As Stereogum reports, the pair’s self-titled debut, a double album comprising five lengthy tracks, will arrive March 4 via Burger Records. At Stereogum, check out the rather kosmiche track “The Highline.

01 “Soft Landing”
02 “Repetitive Differ”
03 “Erotic Resume”
04 “The Highline”
05 “Nude Economics”

(Photo credit: David Black)

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