Chance – Johnny Cash’s Pal, No Less – Gets Reissue of Legendary LP

Chance Martin 1

In Search” will show ya how Chance Martin done it, psychedelic country style.

 By Blurt Staff

 The first-ever reissue of the legendary “In Search” LP by Chance Martin is en route from NC tastemaker label Paradise of Bachelors on July 16. For those of you not in the know, Martin was Johnny Cash’s stage manager, lighting director, and close friend in the ‘70s, and he recorded this “psychedelic country record” over a period of five years of woodshedding in his parents’ “bonus room” in South Nashville, nicknamed the Dead End. In Search was a privately-pressed record in ’81 of great personal import to Martin, but due to its very nature it remained elusive to all but the very privileged few among the inner circle of Nashville tastemakers (and maybe a few outlaws).

 Chance Martin Johnny Cash

 Otherwise referred to simply as “Chance,” he wrote many of the songs on Cash’s Martin guitar, and along the way, had (mis)adventures with many of Nashville’s legends. These days he’s Cowboy Jack Clement’s DJ partner on Sirius XM. The reissue includes a lengthy oral history with the man himself; according to the label, “his outrageous voice and story remind us of Charles Portis or Barry Hannah.”

 We’re not going to argue with that. Another winner from the PoB label, which has of late delivered gems from Steve Gunn and BLURT hero Hiss Golden Messenger. So that’s a goddam trademark of quality, ya know? And please, gentle readers, don’t confuse this gentleman with Chance The Rapper.

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