2017 Rock Hall Inductees Announced


Two of them get the nod first year they are eligible.

By Barbi Martinez

Where were you in ’92? A lot of us were soaking in the grunge stylings of Pearl Jam or the hip-hop gangsta vibe of 2Pac. (Me? I was in daycare. But I was very gangsta just the same.) Now, 25 years later, those two icons are among the seven who will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 7 in Brooklyn. The others: Electric Light Orchestra, Journey, Yes, and Joan Baez, plus Chic’s Nile Rogers getting the Award for Musical Excellence.

That’s a whole lotta boomerism’ going on, eh? It’s the third try for Yes, and while Journey has been eligible for ages, it was their first nomination. Don’t stop believin’ fans!

You can go HERE on the website to read Rev. Keith Gordon’s comments a few months ago about this year’s nominees. He’s a fan of some, others – like ELO – not so much.

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