2016 Punk Rock Bowling for Vegas, Asbury Park & Denver


May and June shaping up to be bowled over…

By Tim Hinely

Blowing through Sin City (that’s Las Vegas kids) in it’s 17th year is the annual orgy of the three P’s- Punk rock, Pabst and bowling (ok, so two out of three ain’t bad). Bring your bowling ball, a clean bowling shirt and something that’s gonna help you stay up ‘til the wee hours as this years annual P.R.B. fest promises to be a scorcher.

Taking place in Vegas on May 26-30th this year’s lineup will see Flag, The Descendents and Flogging Molly as headliners for each of the three weekend gigs but wait, folks from the U.K. make an appearance in the name of The Buzzcocks, The Exploited (please tell Wattie I said hello) and The Subhumans.


One thing that’s got the kids (and old farts alike) blabbering is the reformation of Dag Nasty who are playing on Monday evening (with original singer Shawn Brown on vocals). In addition to all of this also on the bill are The Dwarves, Strung Out, The Bronx, Dillinger Four, Youth Brigade, Face to Face and plenty more. In addtition there’s also, yes, bowling plus poker tournament, pool parties, movie screenings, etc. (donkey races? Probably not).

…but P.R.B. is expanding, my friends. This year they’re heading east as well. To the lovely hamlet of Asbury Park, NJ. This takes place June 10-12th at the PRB Stone Pony Summer Stage and which has some of the sames bands listed above (Descendents, Dag Nasty, Flag) but in addition adds in Agnostic Front, Cock Sparrer, H2O, 88 Fingers Louie, The Slackers, Anti-Nowhere League (so what) and plenty more.


Will The Boss make an appearance? Who the hell knows.

…but wait people. You think they’re done? No way…..P.R.B. rolls into the Mile High City. Yup it drops into Denver on June 2nd-4th for three nights at the Summit Music Hall. Some of the bigger names on this bill include Flag, The Buzzcocks, The Briefs, D.O.A., Millencolin, Anti-Nowhere League and plenty more.

They’ve got all the bases covered here, the west coast, the east coast and even one smack dab in the middle. You have no excuses this year, punker. You don’t make one of these P.R.B. festivals and we revoke your hardcore card. Got it (and we tell The Boss)?


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