2 Live Crew Reunites for Tour

2 Live Crew

The original pussy poppers are back in the, uh, saddle and stirrups….

By Uncle Blurt

You know, I love me some Luther Campbell – if nothing else, that gap between his teeth is even more striking than Madonna’s or David Letterman’s, and I hear he can whistle through it like a motherfucker. Plus, I’m old enough to have been on the scene when Luther and his 2 Live Crew were making serious bank being as nasty as they wanna’d, in the process fueling the fires of the PMRC and their anti-rap ilk. (Ask me sometime about when I hung out with Tipper Gore during an appearance at a Christian bookstore…)

So it warms the cocks, er, the cockles of yer ol’ Uncle’s heart to learn that the Crew has gotten back together. As a press release this morning breathlessly exclaimed, “The bad boys of Hip Hop are back! The 2 Live Crew reunion is coming to a city near you. Fresh Kid Ice, Brother Marquis, and Uncle Luke, as rap performers, have been responsible for some of the hottest titles in the history of rap music. They have earned one double platinum album, two platinum albums, two gold albums, three chart topping singles, and sales of over ten million units. The 2 Live Crew also had single tracks included on the “New Jack City,” “Boyz In The Hood,” and “Friday” soundtracks.”

Well, all right then! So far it appears the touring itinerary is a tad on the lean side, but we hear the band is available for bookings, and I have already talked to the Blurt Editor about possibly lining ‘em up for our annual hot tub party. Watch this pace for details….

Fri, May 8 – Jacksonville, FL – Metropolitan Park

Fri, May 15 – Atlanta, GA – Wolf Creek Amphitheater

Sat, June 6 – Mobile, AL – Greater Gulf State Fairgrounds

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