Movin’ again on Paralyzed and lovin’ it.




It’s not
often that bands are known for their drummers, especially hard rock bands that
hand out killer riffs like candy. But not many bands have an indie rock legend
like Dinosaur Jr’s J. Mascis pounding the skins. Still, Witch is anything but a
junior version of Dinosaur. In fact, the band owes more to Black Sabbath than
any ‘80s SST band.


second album, Paralyzed (Tee Pee),
finds the band taking some steps away from the sludge metal it was initial
known for, upping the tempos and moving into more traditional hard rock, punk
and metal. Amazingly, the band has managed to grow without spending much time
together. “For a year after first album, I think we basically thought Witch was
over,” says  singer-guitarist Kyle Smith.
“We weren’t doing anything, then we just decided to make another one.
[Guitarist] Asa Irons and wrote the songs in a couple of days, just like we did
on the first one.”


Any future
improvement will have to happen the same strange way, since Witch rarely plays
live and almost never practices. “We don’t practice because we like to keep
that raw quality when we play,” says Smith. “I can’t stand it when there’s a
band that sounds exactly like a CD when they play live. We fuck up the songs
constantly on stage, but I kind of like that.”


Credit: Courtney Brooke]

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