The nonagenarian
bluesman and skirt-chaser tones it down.




They don’t make ‘em like T-Model Ford anymore, but the
ninety-something Mississippi bluesman was built to last. “I’m doin’ fine so far,”
he drawls. He must be, ‘cause how many nonagenarians can still drink Jack
Daniels every night? “I don’t drink that too much,” he corrects. Oh say it
ain’t so, T. Your tolerance is the model by which tall blues tales become


Whew-he’s just slowin’ down some. “I just sips it, here at 90.” If he’s careful
about what he puts in his body, it’s by choice. “It’s gotta be whatcha eat
[that determines how you feel],” he says. “I drink coffee, eat them biscuits,
cooked egg… That’s about all I care about.”

Don’t forget the ladies. T-Model is outspoken, and his top topic is sweet young
things… but he’s curbing those appetites as well. “I still like the ladies,
but I’m not doin’ nothin’ with ‘em now. I done married another woman.” He and
Stella married last April, and he wooed her by “just sit down and playin’ my
git-tar for her.”


That’s a power T-Model continues to wield over his audience,
especially the fairer fans, as he promotes his recent live album, “Taledragger” (Alive). “Yeah,” he enthuses. “I go to play my
blues and they go to dancin’.” They talk sweet to T-Model, too, and hug on him.
“I’ve seen some naked women in my lifetime,” he muses, “and I was man enough to
stand up like a man.”


At that, he talk-sings a shout-out to them. “I’m a man(g),
and I’m a rollin’ stone. And all these little women, I say hello.” He notes
that Stella is giving him the evil eye from across the room. “Sometimes my
woman thinks I’m rappin’ to ‘em, but I just talk.

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