THE SINGLES SCENE VI: Blurt’s Indie 45 Roundup

THE SINGLES SCENE VI - Blurt's Indie 45 Roundup

The clock strikes analog, and once again, you’re outta time unless you’re hip to the wax, Jack…


 Wha…? You talkin’ to me?  Don’t look at me like that. What’d I do to you? You know what? The only crime I’ve ever committed is to try and write about some 7” singles here and folks are holding it against me. Fine, ridicule because I don’t have an Ipod and don’t know how to download something, but you know what? When push comes to shove and the deity of your choice is bringing folks up to heaven who do you think he’s gonna take, me or you? The answer is ME because even God has a turntable! That’s right, you’ll be waiting by the pearly gates with your broken Ipod why me and the big man and spinnin’ these 7” records. So long.


 Cali Giraffes

“All My Life” b/w “Lazy Days” (Rating: 7 out of 10)

(Fin Records)

       …and the Fin Records train keeps rolling along (don’t these guys ever run out of money??). Two snappy pop hits from this band I’ve never heard of.  “All My Life” is quite danceable while the flip, “Lazy Days” slows it down, if just a bit but was just as melodic. They thank Stone Gossard AND Evan Dando on the record and the blue vinyl is bee-yoo-tee-ful. 

Mac DeMarco

Mac Demarco

“Only You” b/w “Me & Mine” (6)

(Captured Tracks)

       The poor sap on the picture sleeve looks real drunk but hey, he did it to himself, right?  On to the songs, not even sure how to classify this (always a good thing). The songs are fairly slow with a hint of fuzz but kinda croony, too. I like the flip, “Me & Mine” more as it’s a bit more melodic. And let me guess, the folks at Captured Tracks released this on clear vinyl for my benefit?

Big Star 7inch

Big Star with John Davis

Live Tribute to Alex Chilton EP (9)


        More recordings from the May 15, 2010 concert at the Levitt Shell in Memphis are slated for release; the first installment of Live Tribute to Alex Chilton finds Jody Stephens, Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer joined by fellow power pop maestro John Davis (of Superdrag legend) and kicking out some serious jams. From the wiry, and wired, “In the Street”’s incessant thump to a raucous, celebratory “Don’t Lie To Me” (Davis sounds like a man on fire), this is the kind of Big Star covers fest that no fan will be able to resist. Even Davis sounds like he’s pinching himself, judging from his between-song comments. The ultimate payoff is “When My Baby’s Beside Me,” which has all assembled in perfect synch, ensuring that this song, already one for the ages, will endure for many ages hence. (Download code for all three tracks included w/45.) (—Fred Mills)

English Singles

English Singles

“Ordinary Girls” +2 (8)


       Saw this bunch at a Slumberland Records fest a few years ago and was duly impressed. On this 3-song 7” they get right down to brass tack with three songs that show a love of, I dunno, maybe The Jam. Regardless they’ve got good taste and if you think the b-side songs, “Bitter Rain” and “Rain” were dogs you’d be wrong.  Available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, kid’s birthday parties and yes, indie pop fests.


The Fireworks

“Higher & Higher” +3 (8)


       Ed Shelflife travels the globe to find all the good indiepop bands so you don’t have to. Where’d he find this bunch from? Beats me but these four songs on here bring back some of my best C-86 dreams ever. Ever think about how much you miss the Shop Assistants? Well this band will fill that gaping hole in your life. Other songs” “All the Things That You Said,”  “Surprise Me” and “one Way Traffic.” All ace. 

Kids on a Crime Spree

“Creep the Creeps” b/w “New Ex-Boyfriend” (8)


       You never know what KOACS leader Mario Hernandez has up his sleeve (other than his arms). These two songs have it all, melody, harmony, fuzz, handclaps and a tambourine. What else do you need really? It’s like if Roger McGuinn was born in the late 60’s/early 70’s instead of the 40’s.  He’d be releasing records lie this but he’s not, Mario is.  You HAVE to have this. Have to. 

Peter Buck 45

Peter Buck

“(You Must Fight to Live) On the Planet of the Apes” b/w “The Monkey Speaks His Mind” (7)


        A couple of tracks not on Buck’s excellent self-titled solo LP (which dropped last October and was described by BLURT along lines of “swampy Crypt-tastic jams echo the spirit of a pre-R.E.M. Peter sitting behind the counter at Wuxtry Records fixing to increase his Cramps sales…”). For the A-side he’s heard growling in a deep voice that’d make Captain Beefheart belch with envy and mauling the kind of metal riff that Blue Oyster Cult once crafted arena anthems from. Buck makes it clear that he ain’t just monkeyin’ around in his ongoing trash-rock quest. Don’t believe me? The tune was originally penned by Trent “Big Drag” Ruane of The Mummies. And wait’ll ya hear the funky, talkin’ blues on the B-side, which if ya know yr New Orleans and Detroit music history (you can bet Pete does) will strike a chord… (—Fred Mills)


“Nothing Left To Say” (remix and original) (5)

(Cold Busted)

       When I went to this band’s Soundcloud site I saw fans use words like “dope”, “beats” and “homie.”  I’m listening to the original right now but it sounds like a remix. Ok, so now I’ve got the remix on and it is trippier. Laid-back trip hop for your (yes you) Sunday afternoon. Not my bag, but is the neighbor kids so I’m gonna go make his day.


Sea Cats

The 7” Burger EP (7)

(Fin Records)

       Hey, if you have a drawing of a burger on your record sleeve you’re gonna get me to take notice (also the vinyl being on hamburger-brown vinyl). Two fine pop songs which hearken back to the 90’s when singles like this were everywhere (did I say hearken? Yes I did). What else can I say? It was produced by Mr. Steve Fisk and I’ve got #63 out of an edition of 500. So there.

 The See See

The See See

“The Rain & the Snow” b/w “Snowdrop” (7)


       It’s always nice to get a package form the fine folks at Sundazed. This big-hole 45 comes from a London psych-pop bunch who seem to gain influence from that decade I was born in (60’s). With a groovy sway and an organ that won’t quit the band chips out two charmers. “The Rain & the Snow” will bring the wooze while the flip, “Snowdrop” puffs it up a bit and grinds it out. Nice.

Spirit of Danger

“Spirit of Danger” +3 (7)

(Narrow Vision)   

       Four songs, freaky photos, no website for the label and then…….wait, I noticed that Mario Viele (that’s him on guitar, he was in the Sex Robots) was a part of this so I knew it was a keeper. The songs are good and trashy, Mario’s guitar peels paint as does D.W.‘s vocals and the rhythm section are being propped up like puppets but are still hammering away. Music for your next bank robbery.

Terry Malts

Terry Malts / Dead Angles

Shit Split 7” (8)


Split 7” with the Bay Area Terry Malts (Slumberland Records) creating quite a squall on the a-side with two feedback-ridden songs that I loved. The first song, “Disconnect” was kinda robotic while the other on “Don’t Think You’re Funny” was more direct and driving. Dead Angle hail from L.A. and do a fine chip and putt but with baseball bats. Their Facebook page describes them as “Anorak Crust Pop” (best description ever).  These are probably long gone (edition of 300) but if not go to Loglady and demand yours.


 Tim “45 Adapter” Hinely spins backwards when he reviews Australian records, but don’t let that throw you off balance. Check out his most excellent rock mag Dagger at www.daggerzine as well as his previous installment of The Singles Scene right here at BLURT.



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