THE SINGLES SCENE V: Blurt’s Indie 45 Roundup

THE SINGLES SCENE V - Blurt's Indie 45 Roundup

Welcome! Drop your housekeys in the foyer bowl and join us for another session of pleasuring one another, and featuring the thickest, firmest 7-inchers around…


 Five is a good number, right? Not like you guys have been counting or anything, but I surely have been. Yes, this is the fifth installment of BLURT’s “The Singles Scene.” I had folks writing me who were bummed because they thought it was a swinger’s column or something. Sorry to let you down there. Yeah, those folks may have been horny chumps, but you know what each and every one of them told me? That they have a record player and still buy vinyl! Come on, you don’t want these fools beating you out, do you? Of course not… so read the reviews below, drag some money out of your pocket and buy Buy BUY!



“Time Being” b/w “Sidewalk Tree” (Rating: 7 out of 10)

(Pravda Records)

I had never heard of this Chicago quintet before but they released three 7’s all around the same time and all on Pravda Records. This is the first one and they seem to hearken back to a time , perhaps in the late ‘70s when bands like The Cars, The Shoes and Cheap Trick as the a-side has hit single written all over it while the flip, “Sidewalk Tree” slows it down a bit and thus makes a perfect b-side. All on red vinyl, too.


The Garment District

“Nature-Nurture” EP (6)

(La Station Radar)

This is the latest project of Jennifer Baron who was previously in both Saturnine and the Ladybug Transistor. I was excited to listen to her debut cassette Melody Elder when my then infant child pulled the tape out of it. These four songs are heavy on the synth work and trippier than Haight St in ’67.  The Sonic Boom remixes “Nature-Nurture’ while the two songs on the flip, “Miraculous men” and “Vigor” both stun too. The vinyl is among the thickest (physically) I’ve ever seen.


Goodly Thousands

 “Honest’ b/w “I Wish” (8)


 Shelflife’s Ed Mazzucco travels the globe to find the best jangle pop out there and he found this trio in the small Irish town of Dundrum.  Singer/guitarist Colm whips out sprightly guitar jangle while the rhythm section of Aaron on drums and Darren on bass (no last names folks) are having a blast keeping up. The a-side is a real fist-pumper while they slow it down on “I Wish” and get a bit, dare I say romantic. Nice.


The Purrs

“Rotting on the Vine” b/w “You, the medicine and me” (7)

 (Fin Records)

 I’m glad to see a label not afraid to release (several) 7” singles as the Fin label has been doing. This Seattle foursome has apparently been around for a decade and while I’ve heard previous stuff, they’ve definitely improved. These two songs are heavy on the psych though the former I catchier while the flip is darker. Love me that clear vinyl, too.



“20th Century Bricolage” EP (9)


 Australian louts (who probably don’t appreciate being called louts) who seem to love guitars and well, they’ve got a fan in me. If bands like Fucked Up, Union Carbide Productions, Electric Frankenstein, The Stooges or The Hellacopters turn your crank then this will spend as much time on your turntable as it has mine recently. My favorite of the bunch is “Bullhead” though the three others are nearly as great.


Red Dons

“Auslander” b/w “Mauvaise FOI” (9)

(Dirtnap Records)

 Two superb melodic, mid-tempo punk cuts form this bunch I had not heard of before but definitely want to hear more. The A-side, “Auslander” just, kicks and kicks some more while the b-side, had some wired n’ wiry guitar work that electrocutes me every time (in a good way). Not surprised, being on the Dirtnap label and all; Ken Dirtnap’s got golden ears.

 Bored Spies

“Sumer 720” b/w “Gerbil E” (9)


 Trans-continental post-rock supreme: that would be the Singapore-Seoul-Arizona axis of sonic serendipity as forged by Cherie Ko (Obedient Wives Club), Sooyoung Park (Bitch Magnet/Seam) and Orestes Morfin (Bitch Magnet). This limited edition teaser for their as-yet-untitled debut album and an appearance at the Primavera Sound fest spotlights Ko’s winsome, C83esque warble and spanglysparklycool fretwork while her compatriots shuffle behind her with an empathetic, elegant grace. Don’t miss the B-side (title translated above; technically, it should be rendered in oriental characters), a brief but heartrending slice of femme-pop supreme. (—Fred Mills)


The Slow Poisoner

“Macabre” b/w “The Green Chair” (6)


 San Francisco’s The Slow Poisoner is a regular renaissance man. He writes, he draws and he, of course records plenty of music. He’s a one-man band who immensely talented and dance to the beat of his own drum.  Opener “Macabre’ is nice and reverby (opening lyric: “Your glass eye flies by night…”) while the flip adds a bit more groove and spook. As it says on the insert, recorded live to Ampex 350 all-tube 2-track. Top that, hipster!


Unholy Two

“Cut the Music (I’m the Nightstalker)” b/w “Razor” (7)


 It’s always a good sign when you’re not sure what speed to play the record at (I sure hope 45 rpm was the right one). Thus record is so overloaded with jacked-up noise that I got nervous playing it at home, alone (I also still sleep with a stuffed animal). Remember in the late 80’s when bands like the Lonely Moans, Surgery, God Bullies and many others were releasing 7”ers to die for, well, add these guys named to that list.


Useless Eaters

“The Moves” EP (7)

(Jolly Dream)  www.jollydreamrecords.blogspotcom

 This came out way back in the year of 2011 but hey, it’s on white vinyl, I like the band name and Seth Sutton, writer of these four jagged n’ jerky tunes is probably a nice guy (and even if he’s not, it’s on white vinyl). “American Cars” was good (not great) but the title track is awesome with some serious Morse-code guitar while the two songs on the flip, “Proper Conduct” and “Plague is Vague” woulda been my song title of thee year in 2011 had I heard it then) both bring the noise righteously.


Wild Nothing

“Shadow” b/w “Feel Me Now” (8)

(Captured Tracks)

 Jack Tatum was once one of the fiercest NFL players ever; he then settled down in Virginia and formed this dreamy, pop outfit. The a-side, “Shadow” was the best songs from last year’s Nocturne full-length, while the flip, “Feel Me Now” starts off moodier and murkier then slips into dreamy territory and with that, I’m going to bed. G’night folks.

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