The comedian discovers
a treasure trove of “100% fake” rock ‘n’ roll documents.




For several years comedian Jon Glaser (Adult Swim’s Delocated) has read letters to his
audience from his dead father, the great Dave Glaser, who was in a legendary
classic rock trio back when they were a soul-fusion quartet. Of course the
epistles are “100% fake”-so are the “never-before-seen” rock documents Jon
Glaser uncovers in, My Dead Dad Was In ZZ
(Harper Perennial).”


In the book, Glaser reveals a prescient Thomas Jefferson’s
handwritten letter asserting that all men are not created equal – Paul Weller
is superior. And a psychiatrist’s notes that indicate Bob Seger thinks he’s a
werewolf, unclassified Navy documents that say Gibby Haynes’ father microscopically
surfed Idi Amin’s butthole, advertisements for Motörhead’s pre-metal fame with
a math tutoring business, a series of telegrams that divulge Meg White is
actually Jack White’s mother, and a cocktail napkin showing how Led Zeppelin nearly
called themselves “Cottonball Goldstein’s Good Time Sunshine Lollipop Smiley
Face (Fart Noise).”


Glaser’s music fandom, naturally, fuels the concept. He’s a
big indie rock fan, loves Weller, Yo La Tengo (Ira Kaplan writes the foreword),
Guided by Voices – and cops to loving Roth-era Van Halen as a kid. The senior
Glaser ostensibly influenced his son’s humorous take on music. “When disco was
huge, my dad told me that anything someone can dance to is disco,” says Glaser.
“I vehemently disagreed, and played him “Eruption”, from Van Halen. He danced to it, just to be a jerk. It was one of the
funniest things I have ever seen in my life.”


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