The BLURT Zine Roundup (Fall/Winter 2019 Edition)

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 Big Stir magazine (#4)

This terrific little mag is relatively new on the zine scene. Editors Rex and Christina (they run the Big Stir records label and are in the band The Armoires…in addition to all of that I think they probably have real jobs, too!) popped out 3 quick issues and here’s #4. This ish is color/glossy all the way through and just has a real cool look to it (thanks to main artist Joseph Champniss) and has interview with Russ Tolman/Steve Wynn (they ask each other questions), plus Nelson Bragg, Kimberly Rew, Matthew Seligman, Robbie Rist and plenty more. Oh, and not just music…there’s recipes in this baby, too! You won’t not like it. You just won’t (in fact you’ll probably love it!).

The Big Takeover (#84)

You can count on Jack Rabid’s Big Takeover mag like clockwork, every June and December (like daylight savings time…which was just last night, well the end of it anyway).  Bob Mould is the cover star for this ish (and the interview with him is excellent) and in addition to that you’ve got long interviews with The Beths, Joe Jackson, The Cyrkle, Chip Kinman, Bev Davis, plus part 2 of both The Alvvays and Walter Lure interviews. There’s also the usual short takes of lotsa other bands and a boatload of reviews (yup, boatload…think The Love Boat). At 152 pages it’ll keep you occupied for a good long while.

Dynamite Hemorrhage (#7)

Former Superdope editor Jay Hinman is back and D.H. is still going strong (thankfully). This one is another half-sized one and, like I said about the previous issue, it looks fantastic (clean layout). In this ish he has interviews with Neutrals’ Sofie Herner plus the late Mike Atta from the Middle Class, Bridget Hayden, the Ex-Lion Tamers and a terrific overview of every issue of Forced Exposure (???!!!). There’s plenty of reviews, too.  Jay’s still got the enthusiasm of his 20-year-old self.   Believe it.

Incremental Decrepitude (#6)

 Mr. Dave Brushback is back. I wish he’d publish more often but he runs on this own schedule, we call it Brushback time. You probably remember Dave from the mags Run It and Brushback as well as others. This one is another pocked-sized ish. He’s got interviews with Rob Noyes, Richie Records and Stefan of C/Site Recordings. There’s also record, show and zine reviews so he packs a lot in to not a ton of pages.  I’ve always liked Dave’s writing style (he doesn’t mince words). Could be gone but still write to him to find out.

Own the Whole World (#17)

I could swear that Arizonan (ex-Ohioan) Bob Forward had a new ish out of O.T.W.W. (#18?)  but I’m not finding it, I know he is working on a new one so be on the lookout.

Skill Shot (#53)

This is Gordon Gordon’s pinball zine out of Seattle (he used to do the great punk mag WDC Period years ago). It’s thin and glossy and covers the Seattle pinball scene like a blanket. Lots of fun and interesting graphics and very small type. Plus go to his site as it has a pinball map plus a link to a calendar, his blog and his podcast well. Also, how to order back issues.

Ugly Things (#51)

This the latest one from Mike Stax and his crew but there’s probably gonna be a new one out any day/week. Mike’s been putting these things out at such a rapid rate it’s hard to keep up. This ish of the mag that features “ugly sounds from past dimensions” has Randy Holden from Blue Cheer plus Wally Bryson (from The Choir), Night Shadows, Lenny Kaye, Peter Laughner and too much more, really. At 160 pages it’s a garage rock bible Read and then read again (I’m still finishing up issues #’s 48-50…slow reader here and lots to consume).

Vulcher (#5)

Yes! The Vulcher crew are back and I can only assume that issue #6 is around the corner.  Eddie Flowers, Kelsey Simpson and “Sonic” Sam Murphy run the show with a long list of contributors (including yours truly). They all kick out the jams here and inside there’s contributions from Byron Coley, Rich & Melanie Coffee, Eric Friedl, Bob Forward, Shane Ringo and like 100 more. Eddie does a piece on Exek and Cropped Out festival while I chipped in with a piece on the Vulgar Boatmen. There’s also a Bob Bert interview and tons more.  Thick as a brick, this one is essential reading.


Tim Hinely knows a thing or two about fanzine publishing, as rumors have it that he has put out legendary ‘zine Dagger since, apparently, the Watergate impeachment era. Maybe even the Andrew Johnson trial. “I just might cover this one, too,” muses Hinely, “although, if that Sarah Records label reunion tour actually happens, all bets are off.”

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