SUNNY MONEY Jamie Lidell


Jamie Lidell lets the
sun shine in.

By Ben Westhoff


Known for his ability to blend electronic elements with
Motown, soul and even beatboxing, Jamie Lidell is back with Jim (Warp). The U.K. native currently lives in Berlin
and will shortly move to Paris to be with his
girlfriend, but he traveled all the way to the U.S. west coast to get the sound he
wanted. “This is more of an L.A.
record,” he says. “Multiply [2005] was
definitely my Berlin
record, but this time I wanted the sunshine.”


The Super Collider alum is known for his studio ingenuity,
which is still at play on the party-stomping “Figured Me Out.” But songs like
“Wait For Me” and “Another Day” see Lidell mainly focused on rearing back and
singing his ass off. “I wanted to make a no-fat record with no trickery, one
that just gets in and out quick with some generous songwriting and some
heartfelt lyrics.”


So was Jim’s
primary inspiration art, love or commerce? “I want to go triple platinum,” he
confesses with a grin. “Or quad.” 



In hypothetical face-offs with mouth-sound greats, how would
Jamie Lidell brr-d-d-drrr-d-d-rrr-stick


Darren “Buffy, the Human
Beat Box” Robinson (Fat Boys)

”You just can’t win. I would probably just cry.”


”Something really slow and abstract, with no bass.”


Biz Markie

“I would just do exercises and start screaming.”


Michael Winslow (Police Academy)

“I would swallow the mic, then shit it out and use it to
floss the colonic tract. That would be a showstopper, no?”

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