The erstwhile actress likes to roll out of bed and play




 “I’m just doing it for the
money,” says Daisy McCrackin, fresh out of an audition for a telecom company
commercial. Although she’s acted in shorts and features (Love and Suicide),
and been on TV (Cold Case, Angel), McCrackin prefers to sing for
her supper. “I haven’t had a theatrical agent or audition for five years; I
quit a long time ago to do music instead.”


The Rodeo Grounds EP (Aeronaut), a beguiling collection of gauzy, old-timey
folk songs, shows she decided correctly. “My next record won’t be as
old-timey,” Daisy says, weeks from entering the studio-this time with a full
band. The title, God Willing, and that her band features members of VHS
or Beta, is all the preview as she’ll give. She’s holding the direction of her
first full album (not counting the soundtrack for Stephanie Schneider’s Til
Death Do Us Part
) close to her chest. “I think we’ll keep it a surprise.”
The good news: at press time, the platter is due in October.




The Best Part of Waking Up

Daisy’s bio speaks of singing
herself awake. Refreshingly, the redheaded waif calls bullshit on her own hype.
“My girlfriend wrote that,” she says. “I’m not sure where she got that, but I
do wake up with melodies in my head, and sometimes I’ll roll out of bed and go
straight for the guitar.”


Pervs, Alert

Daisy already has Internet pervs
downloading her on the celebrity skin sites and,
but not because her “acting” resume includes some dubious roles. Artful nudes
shot by Schneider-whose film is a gorgeous pastiche of Polaroids-found their
way onto the sites, as did similar shots from a nude calendar and modeling gigs
for European Vogue and Italian GQ. Daisy’s not enthused about the
photos being offered as spank fodder. “They hijacked those pictures… That’s my


La Vie En Daisy

Daisy had just started to play
music two years ago when she met auteur Olivier Dahan, director of the Edith
Piaf biopic La Vie en Rose. “I played him all my best songs with little
groups of friends at my house or his hotel suite.” Smitten, Dahan “helped
convince me that my music was good” and offered to helm her first video. Upon
completing The Rodeo Grounds, Daisy lit off for Paris CD in hand.
“[Dahan] said, ‘Let’s do it now.'”


Check out the clip for “Different Girl” below, and also at as well as other choice vids.



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