THE SINGLES SCENE VII: Blurt’s Indie 45 Roundup

THE SINGLES SCENE VII - Blurt's Indie 45 Roundup

Hey there, tall, dark and handsome—come here often? Wanna slip back to my pad and see my etched records and picture discs? Let me buy this next round…


I see you people and I like what I see. It’s seems that you are finally coming to your senses now. Oh sure, it took six previous columns of 7” genius to make this happen, but better late than never. If I give you all a multiple choice test with words like “stylus’ and “vinyl” on it I have no doubt you’d all get 100s on the test! This makes me so proud, because, after all, you are all like my little children. Every last one of you (scary thought, huh?).  No longer will I call you chowderheads behind your back. Nope… you’re my kids and I love every last one of ya’. Now go get ‘em, tiger!


Bam Bam 45

Bam Bam

“Golden Haze 2” plus 2 (rating: 7 out of 10)


      This duo, made up of Zola Bam! And Chloe Bam! Perfect campfire songs at campfire that I want to be sitting around (hate getting smoke all over my clothes, though). And I thought I recognized those vocals on “Medicine”—and yes, that low, low croon is indeed Mr. Calvin Johnson. My pick to click here is “Golden Haze 3” which reminded me of 1st single Bratmobile. High praise indeed.

 Bloody Knives

Death EP (6)

(Saint Marie)

      This is the 3rd ep by this Austin, TX band and it sounds to me to be meeting point where Goth, noise, industrial, punk and metal all collide. Not surprising as the band is called Bloody Knives and the record is called Death. There’s six songs total and the vinyl itself is red. Not see-through either, just red. I like. Very limited.

 Thanes 45

The Thanes

“She’s Coming Back To Me” b/w “Love Is Fading Away” (7)

(State/Sandgate Sound Acetate)

       Scotland’s Thanes have long championed the Byrds/Love flower power axis, and this slice of minor chord fuzz ‘n’ jangles is no exception, a dead ringer for some long-lost Nuggets gem as seen through the granny glasses of Roger McGuinn and Arthur Lee. “Love Is Fading Away” is more straightforward 12-string folk-rock—no surprise, as it’s a sublime cover of the band’s homeland heroes The Poets, drawn from the mists of time circa 1965. Edition of 500. (—by Fred Mills)

 Elika 45


Girls Be Serious EP (8)

(Saint Marie)

      Wow, this is one of those singles that looks like it was real expensive to make, real nice pic sleeve and nice, thick vinyl. This NYC band has been turning heads lately with a dark yet melodic sound. The A-side, “Moving Faster” could/should be a hit while the flip, “Bury”, with layered vocals was just as cool. They’re probably going to be huge.

  The Higher State

“Potentially (everyone is your enemy)” b/w “All Ties That Bind” (9)


       I’m liking this one A LOT. Had not heard of this UK band before but they claim influence from the mighty Love (fine by me), and on the A-side I definitely hear that (and some early R.E.M. in the chorus), while the flip added a bit of R&B twang to the proceedings (think early ‘stones) and was just as good. These guys need to record a full-length now. Or else.

 Industrial Park

“Echoes” b/w “May” (8)

(Toxic Pop)

      Portland bunch who I’d never heard of before (Not surprising thought as I didn’t know what was going on locally when I did live there) but this is good low-end post punk with some goth overtones. The a-side, “Echoes” is my favorite with a good driving beat but “May” is solid, too. White vinyl and it’s a big-hole 45. Yeah.

 Wild Emotions 45

Wild Emotions

“Hey Everybody” b/w “Wild Emotions” (6)


      Distaff rockers from the unlikely indie scene of Jackson, MS, Wild Emotions include the talents of guitarist Daphne Nabors (Overnight Lows), keyboardist Chrissy Valentine and bassist Ruby Rogers (both from the notorious Black Belles). The A-side is an organ-powered slice of gothic garage, creepily effective at that, while the B, in its chaotic, dissonant, fuzzed-out gleeful romp, definitely lives up to its title. Somebody put these gals on barnstorming tour with The Cynics and watch the sparks fly. (—by Fred Mills)

 Joanna Gruesome

 “Do You Really Wanna Know Why You’re Still in Love With Me?” b/w “Lemonade Grrrl” (7)


      I dig the J.G. full-length on Slumberland so hell yes I love this too. If I had a record label I’d wanna release a record by these guys, wouldn’t you? (I already know the answer…) Both of these songs are on the full-length and this is in a pressing of 500 with silk-screened sleeves. If they’re still available (doubtful) then get it. Just get it.

 Obnox 45

Obnox IV

A Ragin’ in the Sun EP (8)


      Obnox is Cleveland’s own Lamont “Bim” Thomas. You and I know him as the drummer for The Bassholes (with Don Howland) but he’s done other things, too. Many other things. These days he’s trying to blow your ears out with Obnox and he’s doing a pretty good job. Four songs here but the title track rules the most. If this is your bag (and it’d better be…or else) then dig his stuff on 12XU and Smog Veil.

 Week of Wonders 45

Week of Wonders

“Piggybacks’ b/w “The End of the Day” (9)


      Wow, now THIS is some swinging pop music. It has a bit of a tropical flavor to it but also staunchly British (even though I think they’re American… least one member was in Orca Team). “Piggybacks:” kicks like the best Ski Lodge tune while “The End of the Day” spins, twirls and takes a bow at the end. Well done.

 wormburner 45


“Today Might Be our Day” b/w “Parliments on Sundays” (8)

(Negative Fun)

      Always a plus to hear a band you’ve never heard before on a label you’ve never heard before. The label is outta North Carolina but the band is all Jersey, baby. The a-side is a fist-pumping anthem, like maybe something the Hold Steady wrote (if they were sober) while the flip is nearly as good (and features some extra guitar from Luna guy Sean Eden). OK, I’m sold…gimme, gimme, gimme.

 Galanos 45


“La Loca” b/w “Go Home Rose” (7)

(Pyrrhic Victory)

      Up the river and into the maw of darkness: New York’s Galanos have forged an edgily cinematic sound from which there is no safe return. The bilingual goth rock of “La Loca” locates Morricone-esque spaghetti surf twang amid droning textures, rich in atmosphere and unnerving in its tragic grace. The flipside is somewhat less effective, a moody and ultimately meandering ballad, but overall there is much here that bodes well for an intriguing future. (—by Fred Mills)

 Young Sinclairs 45

Young Sinclairs

You Know Where to Find Me EP (9)

(Planting Seeds Records)

      I liked the previous stuff I’ve heard by this Roanoke, VA bunch who are obviously very indebted to the ‘60s. Specifically trippy, acoustic-driven pop songs of The Zombies, The Byrds and The Left Banke. This big-hole 7” has 5 songs and honestly there’s not a bad one ion the bunch. Plus a few of these guys were previously in Eternal Summers and 63 Crayons. Not a bad resume. Rez-a-may?


 Tim “45 Adapter” Hinely relives his Stuka dogfight nightmares when he reviews German bands’ records, but don’t let that keep you from checking out his most excellent rock mag Dagger at www.daggerzine. Check out previous installments of The Singles Scene: #6 is right here at BLURT and #5 is right here at BLURT.

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