RUMORS ABOUT RUMOURS Lindsey Buckingham Pt.2

[Go HERE  for part 1 of our Buckingham interview, in
which he talks about his latest solo album,
Gift of Screws.]


Lindsey Buckingham joined Fleetwood Mac in 1974, along with then-girlfriend
and musical partner Stevie Nicks. Two years later, Buckingham and Nicks were on
the outs. So were bass player John McVie and his wife, singer-pianist Christine,
not to mention Mick Fleetwood and his wife Jenny. John didn’t care for Lindsey
and there were various other complications, but still Mac created one of rock
music’s most enduring works: an acute document of their troubles, Rumours. It spawned handfuls of hits,
including “Go Your Own Way,” “Don’t Stop” and “Dreams,” and eventually garnered
a Grammy. While BLURT has Buckingham on the line, we decided to ask him about more
rumors we heard about Rumours.






BLURT: The problems between
you and Stevie Nicks started because people kept calling her Lindsey and you
Stevie. Can you confirm or deny this?


Well, you know, I’ve had the problem all my life. People
always told me I had a girl’s name. And I think Stevie always had that problem,
too-people always said she had a boy’s name. Maybe that was one of the reasons
we got together in the first place…



BLURT: Stevie was
also mad because you told her Rhiannon was “more fun in the sack.”


[laughs] Hmm… I’ve
gotta tread carefully, here. Well… I never actually slept with Rhiannon. In
fact, I’m not even sure what she looks like.



BLURT: Is that a
bag-over-the-head joke?


It could be.



BLURT: According to
the Classic Albums DVD for Rumours, Stevie wrote “Dreams” in Sly Stone’s
bed, and the song refers to you: “Players only love you when they’re playin’.”
Were you glad that he took some of the heat off of you?


He had this little thing at the Record Plant where he used
to and sit and write-it wasn’t really his bed. There was plenty of heat to go
around during the making of Rumours and I was glad to be rid of as much as I could.



BLURT: How about the
backward messages? You had problems with John McVie, or at least he had a
problem with you, and if you play “Go Your Own Way” backward, it says, “Lindsey
Suckingham sucks.”


[laughing] What
was the message again? Lindsey Suckingham sucks? I’m thinking of something, but
I don’t know if I should actually say it…



BLURT: Mick says that
while Stevie and Christine McVie were holed up in their neighboring condos, you
guys would blow off steam at the Record Plant by taking girls there to teach
them to “believe in the ways of magic.” And you sent them home with ashtrays
that were “talismans from Stevie’s private collection.”


All I remember is that they all went away happy.



BLURT: “Holiday Road,” the famous theme to the National Lampoon’s
Vacation movies, was originally
intended as a happy ending for Rumours.


Yes, that’s true. But Warner Bros. rejected the happy



BLURT: You’ve said “Never
Going Back Again” is about a woman who, during the tense Rumours sessions, temporarily put wind in your sails. That was
Cynthia Plaster Caster, no? I have it on good authority that your cast dwarfed that
of Jimi Hendrix’s cast and therefore yours was smashed in order to ensure the
Hendrix legacy remained intact.


That is correct [laughs].


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