RESURRECTING ROADKILL Best Kissers in the World

Hail the Sound label
unearths and resurrects a “lost” album.




Of all the shitty things labels pull on bands, one of the
most egregious is when they let an album languish on a shelf. After putting out
two EPs for Sub Pop in the early 1990s, MCA picked up Best Kissers in the World
and released the Puddin’ EP and then
the full-on power pop classic Been There in 1993. BKITW’s caustic, rollicking songs made them critical darlings and
earned them rabid, slobbering fans. Three years later, the band ponied up Yellow Brick Roadkill but MCA was sold
to booze corp Seagram’s in the clusterfuck that killed a million bands. “They
used us as a swizzle stick,” says singer-guitarist Gerald Collier.





Roadkill went to a
warehouse. A mysterious figure sold advance promo copies of the album on eBay
for big bucks. Fans gladly paid the premium just to have songs like “Dance of
the Spanish Fire Weasel” and “Lonely Enough to Lie.” Finally one such
enthusiast, Christopher Knudson, is releasing it on his Hail the Sound label.



Collier and Knudson added a 14th song (“Ginger
Ale”) plus 18 alternate versions, rarities and unreleased songs; it’s available
as a 500-copy limited edition, and Best Kissers are stoked. “It was our best
album,” Collier says. “Had it come out, I’m fairly certain that we could have
all afforded to go back to college and make something of ourselves.”



“I might buy a new sport coat or something to celebrate.”
Wait – no reunion? No new album? “I’m afraid not. You are more likely to see a Fabergé



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