READY TO SWIM Whispertown 2000

Currently on tour with
Maria Taylor, the L.A.
band is a secret no more.




Speaking to BLURT from her L.A. home, the Whispertown 2000 lead
singer/guitarist Morgan Nagler is happy, bubbly even, talkative and full of a
youthful exuberance. The one-time child actress was ushered into the music
world by another ex-child star, Jenny Lewis. It was while opening for Lewis
(who also played in the Whispertown 2000’s infant stages) that Gillian Welch
witnessed the band’s heartwarming blend of folk-pop-Americana. Welch and
partner David Rawlings were so impressed that the Whispertown 2000 became the
first signing to their Acony Records. The result is Swim, the band’s second album but first proper introduction to the




 Why did you name the new album Swim?


The album wasn’t a preconceived concept record but it just
happens to be that there are a lot of underwater and survival themes in there. Metaphorically,
it’s exactly what I’m talking about and also literally there’s so much
underwater imagery that it just seemed to make sense.



 These are really pretty songs with beautiful
harmonies, but underneath that there seems to be a real dark edge; do you tend
to see the world through rosy shades and if so, where does this darker side
come from?


I feel like there’s quite a dichotomy in my world because it
is my nature to see things through rosy shades, but I see the things. I
definitely feel the darkness of everything and it’s a constant matter of



 I was reading about your “House Party Tour,”
did you really play in people’s houses and how did that happen?


We did. It was all from MySpace, we just posted that we need
$200 to play your party. And we toured for a month playing house parties.



 And did that all work out?


Almost all worked out great, there was one that wasn’t my
favorite, but it still wasn’t that bad.



 What was it about that show?


Towards the end of the night about a million wasted marines
showed up, which if you’re a girl is not the best position to be in.



 This isn’t the easiest life; you already had a
career path [acting] that probably would have been more stable, so why do you
do this?


It’s the first thing that made me feel a part of the world.
I’m not trying to say the song was good, but the first time I wrote a song was
the first time I felt like I did something.








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