QUICK CLIP Marié Digby

You Tube Superstar gets
her 16 million and 15 minutes.



Pop-folk princess Marié Digby didn’t expect her big break to
come on YouTube, but after posting an acoustic version Rihanna’s hit “Umbrella,”
Digby racked up 16 million views, making her the eighth most subscribed artist
in YouTube history. Now her songs are all over TV (The Hills, Smallville, Ugly Betty) and Gap has commissioned her
to be part of their “Sound Of Color” ad campaign. Digby’s debut, Unfold, was released in April Hollywood
Records; meanwhile, the upstart popster sat down for a lightning round of Quick
Clip with BLURT.


From Rihanna to Britney Spears to Linkin Park,
is there any type of criteria you use to pick a cover?

It could be death metal or country, as long as it has a good
melody. Second, it has to be a song I can make sound different [and] something
I can make my own.


YouTube and MySpace
have changed the playing field; do you think this is an overall positive or
negative trend?

I think it’s overall positive. YouTube is sending the message
that whether you are some kid in your parents’ house in North Dakota playing a
song in your bathroom, or if you’re a girl signed to a major label but nothing
is happening for you, if you have something to say and you have some talent and
you put it up on YouTube, people will find you.

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