This is what the world looked like before WordPress, punks. And it was a more vibrant, exuberantly tactile world, too. Our resident fanzine expert Tim “Dagger” Hinely weighs in.


Print is still alive and well and here’s some rags to prove it! (See Part 7 of this series elsewhere on the Blurt site: )


The Big Takeover (#81) The human wind-up toy Jack Rabid hits issue 81 and I don’t think he plans on stopping anytime soon. This time around it’s got cover stars Slowdive plus interviews with Pixies, Roger Shepherd from Flying Nun Records (!!!!), Chrissie Hynde part 2, Art Bergmann  (from Canada’s Young Canadian), Grizzly Bear and more and lots of more including short takes and holy brick of reviews.144 pages.  Some folks’ bible so write to Father Jack.

Casting Couch (#5), Austin, TX’s Miranda Fisher had been doing her cool garage punk zine C.C. for the past few years but sadly, as she mentions in this issue it is coming to an end. She’s stopping CC to focus on ……a Temptation zine! OK, so I’m bummed about the former but happy on the latter. Still though, she goes out with a bang  in this final ish That has interviews with The Cowboys, Andy Human, Adam Smith, Mordecai and more plus reviews, pin ups (sadly not one of me) and a pull out poster of Beta Boys. Sad to see this one go….

Everything’s Swirling: a Galaxie 500 Fanzine This is a cool little half-sized zine out of the UK dedicated (by uber fan Andy Aldridge) to Galaxie 500, the great Boston band that broke up in 1991 (or thereabouts…Dean went on to form Luna and Damon & Naomi formed ….yup, Damon & Naomi). It’s got random pics, pieces, articles, etc. and a cool silk-screened cover. Reminds me a little of Bus Stop, the Belle & Sebastian zine from several years ago. If there’s any left Andy will be happy to send it to you via carrier pigeon. I hope there’s another one soon.

New Wave Chicken (#7), This is a cool little rag (another half-sized) done by a gent named Steve Hart out of….Hawaii. Not a hotbed of zine activity but then again, maybe it is, who knows. This  ish is dubbed “The baseball and Ramones Issue” so Steve knows what I like. Pieces on little, minor and major league baseball plus some records reviews and lets not forget our boys from Queens. Da Bruddahs. Drop Steve a line and send him a few shekels for a copy. You won’t regret it.

Nonstop Diatribe (#2- Fall 1994)  Yup, you got that right, issue #2 from …well, nearly 25 years ago. Jen Matson put out here first issue of NSD in ’91 ro so and it was a terrific issue (Hamish Kilhour, the Go Betweens, etc. etc) and apparently she had this issue written but it never came out. Well, here it is and it has more Go-Betweens love as well as interviews with Tim from Stereolab, Gedge from The Wedding Present, Robert Scott of The Bats and Sonic Boom from Spacemen 3.There’s also reviews, letters, some comics and more plus…well, it  just looks great,.

Vulcher (#4) Not out yet…hopefully soon. You can write to  Eddie at or Kelsey at to find out when,



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