The Pittsburgh psychedelicists bank experience.


After several years of intensive tours-domestically and
abroad-the Modey Lemon waited a lifetime (in band years) to release album
number four. Season of Sweets (Birdman)
came out in 2008, three years after The
Curious City
, and it shows the Pittsburgh band moving into a hard driving
psych-rock sound while still holding close to their Who-meets-Suicide style of
their earliest work. “One thing I like about this album is I think it puts our
other albums in perspective,” says guitarist/vocalist Phil Boyd. “You could…
find elements of each one in this album.”

Since Jason Kirker (bass, synth) joined Boyd and drummer
Paul Quattrone four years ago, their sound has evolved from a primal roar to
something heavier. Once a wailer, Boyd has developed a subdued low register
vocal approach. As a result, the sound of their last album has developed even
further on Season in songs like “Live
Like Children” and “Ice Fields” where Quattrone’s pulse leads to some space
grooves in the middle of songs that could even be called pretty.

A well-received performance at South By Southwest
anticipated the release of the album, and they spent nearly a month on the road
this summer, traveling the periphery of the country. After Quattrone finished a
tour as the drummer of !!!, the Modey Lemon headed to the UK for nearly a month in September.

Boyd says, of the group’s current touring regimen, that he
isn’t banking on anything more than a return to cities where they sustain a strong
following. “At this point, we’re really grateful for the opportunities that
we’ve had,” he says. “I don’t know if there’s some sort of professional
objective in mind. It’s more for the experience.”


Check out the Modey Lemon’s awesome “Sleepwalkers” video:

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