WHO ARE THESE GUYS? Parquet Courts

Blurt 116 Parquet Boyston

Who indeed? Our correspondent/shutterbug J.B. caught the Brooklyn quartet the other night (Jan. 29) at The Earl in Atlanta to try and figure out what the buzz is all about. “THIS is the show you don’t want to miss,” he concludes.


Another Sold Out show for Parquet Courts, the Brooklyn-based band that continues to razzle, dazzle, and light the world on fire one stage at a time.   And they make it look easy, as if they are four guys who don’t particularly care if anyone notices.  Fortunately people are paying attention, but without the support of band-sponsored social media.   No Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram?  Their only official web presence is here: https://parquetcourts.wordpress.com/  Who are these guys?

They are transplanted Texans Andrew Savage on vocals and guitar (blonde Strat); Austin Brown also on vocals and guitar (seafoam green strat); Sean Yeaton on bass; and Andrew’s brother Max Savage holding down the considerable fort on drums.  I’m glad its not my job to describe what these guys do exactly, but they do it so damn well that it doesn’t matter what it’s called.   Great artistry is like that.

Blurt 001 Parquet Boydston

Blurt 002 Parquet Boydston

Blurt 003 Parquet Boydston

Blurt 004 Parquet Boydston

Blurt 006 Parquet Boydston

A don’t-miss band if they pass your way.  Whatever else is going on when they play your town, THIS is the show you don’t want to miss that night, week, or month.   They’ve always been a compelling live act, but after several years of touring they are a band in command of their craft, and can astonish on any given night.  Let’s hope it’s not their peak, leaving the door open to them actually getting better if that is possible.

Blurt 007 Parquet Boydston

Blurt 008 Parquet Courts

Blurt 009 Parquet Boydston

Blurt 010 Parquet Boydston

Blurt 011 Parquet Boydston

Blurt 012 Parquet Boydston

Blurt 014 Parquet Boydston

Blurt 015 Parquet Boydston


Their most recent LPs ‘Content Nausea‘ and ‘Sunbathing Animal’ (both from 2014) and the ever brilliant ‘Light Up Gold’ (2013) are still keeping my turntable busy and revealing a layer of greatness with every spin.   And despite their serious on-stage demeanor there’s a lot humor and wit in their music and songs, reflecting their ’nothing matters and what if it did’ approach.


Parquet Courts are wrapping up this leg of club shows with dates in Alabama, Nashville, DC, Philly and NYC.  Then off for a tour of New Zealand and back by April for Coachella.

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