8 Track Mind

This is what the world looked like before WordPress, punks. And it was a more vibrant, exuberantly tactile world, too. Our resident fanzine expert Tim “Dagger” Hinely weighs in.


8- TRACK MIND #102

Russ Forster began his zine in the early ‘90s then took a long break and returned a few years ago with his first issue in close to a decade. Luckily he didn’t make us wait that long in between issues as issue #102 is chock full of things that made us all fall in love with this zine in the first place.

        The zine still has a love of the truckers’ favorite medium (8-Track tapes; look it up, kids), but this issue also has terrific pieces on vinyl (Jake Whitener’s “Romancing the Record” is one of my faves), and don’t miss editor Forster’s piece on  ”Analog Birth/Death/Rebirth” as well as—full disclosure—my own piece on the cassette revival. Of course, to end the issue, is Steve Gassen’s piece on “Surviving the CD fail” which is well-worth reading.

        Hell, the whole issue is a page turner so get your today, and let’s hope for another one before the year ends.  (Website? We don’t need no stinking website… email Russ at-  )

Big Takeover


Jack Rabid’s legendary zine is like ol’ man river; he just keeps rolling along. Now in its, I believe, 33rd year, Jack and his dedicated staff show no signs of slowing down. In this issue are pieces/interviews on The Joy Formidable (cover stars) as well as The Dream Syndicate, Tame Impala, part two of a Diiv interview continued from issue 71, Beach Fossils, The Dicks and plenty more as well as a ton of reviews (including Jack’s Top 40 of the issue). Among his writers are Joseph Kyle (publisher of his own zine, The Recoup; see below), Dot Dash’s Terry Banks and Neal Agneta (who does the terrific Willfully Obscure blog) and plenty more.

        If you’re a fan of the mag then you already have this and if you’re new to the scene, well, jump aboard!



Mr. Joseph Kyle has been around the indie music scene for years, doing his own zine back in the day as well as contributing to many others. Then he did his website, Mundane Sounds, for several years in the 2000s. These days he contributes to The Big Takeover (see above) and my own zine Dagger, but The Recoup is his new baby.

        Taking inspiration for the cover from PIL’s ALBUM, The Recoup is 42 pages of in-depth music coverage. Inside its pages are interviews with Texas is the Reason, Pete Byrne (one half of the UK synth pop band Naked Eyes), Semisonic drummer Jacob Slichter, an oral history interview with Lon and Derrek Von Eaton, reviews and more (like Lisa Carver’s interview with editor Joseph). The package/layout is cool, the writing is excellent and in issue #2 promises piece on Liquorice, Corduroy, The Cowsills and more. Go to this link right here.

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