FAREWELL: Music World Passings 2014

FAREWELL - Music World Passings 2014

We pay our final respects to Pete Seeger, Bobby Womack, Ian McLagan and many, many more that we lost in 2014.


I quote myself from years’ previous: Having performed this annual ritual for years now, I’ve learned to take a quiet comfort in pulling together notes and combing the internet to learn names, dates, causes of death – and the artistic achievements that prompt us to memorialize the people in the first place. So as you scan down the list of those who did leave us this year, pause when you reach an artist who was particularly special to you, and meditate momentarily on why he or she was special. The list isn’t comprehensive, but it does dovetail into virtually every musical genre and discipline (it additionally includes a handful of non-musicians), and it touches equally upon the obscure and the well-known. For the sake of clarity, particularly if it’s a more obscure artist, in some instance we’ve added the affiliation/group or genre.

And after you pay your own last respects, pledge to seek out those artists who are still with us and who are important to you, and let them know in some way how much you appreciate them.


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Phil Everly

January, 2014

Rockin’ Tabby Thomas (blues musician) 1/1

Jay Traynor (Jay & the Americans) 1/2

Sam Ulano 1/2

Phil Everly 1/3

Saul Zaentz 1/3

Joseph McDonald (Woody Herman Orchestra) 1/3

Herbert Van Note (After The Reign) 1/5

Reather Dixon Turner (The Bobbettes) 1/7

Chris Peigler (My So Called Band, Rogue Nations) 1/8

Gerald Smith (Dawnwatcher) 1/8

Eddie Boggs 1/9

Roy Campbell (jazz musician) 1/9

Amiri Baraka aka LeRoi Jones 1/9

Gary Grimshaw (rock/psych concert poster artist) 1/13

Freddie “Fingers” Lee 1/13

Beloyd Taylor 1/13

Dianne Christian 1/14

Bud Spangler (jazz musician) 1/16

Joe Evans (jazz musician) 1/17

Dennis “Fergie” Frederiksen (Toto/Trillion/Le Roux) 1/18

Al Lerner 1/19

Jud Kingsley 1/19

Arthur Doyle 1/25

Rusty York 1/26

Pete Seeger 1/27

John Cacavas (composer) 1/28

Stevie Woods 1/28

Johnny Allen 1/29

Mike Mirro (Umphrey’s McGee) 1/30

Anna Gordy Gaye 1/31

Bob Casale


Bunny Rugs (Third World) 2/2

Philip Seymour Hoffman 2/2

Gloria Leonard 2/3

Shirley Temple Black 2/10

Wayne Gardner (Magellan) 2/10

King Kester Emeneya 2/13

Bob Casale (DEVO) 2/17

Wayne Smith 2/17

Bernd Noske (Birth Control) 2/18

Duffy Power 2/19

Maria von Trapp 2/18

Tommy Osh 2/20

Chip Damiani (Remains) 2/23

Kelly Holland (Cry Of Love) 2/24

Harold Ramis 2/24

Franny Beecher (Bill Haley & His Comets) 2/24

Paco de Lucia 2/25

Prince Philip 2/25

Tim Wilson 2/26

Frank Reed (Chi-Lites) 2/26

Louie Lehman 2/28




Dave Sampson 3/5

Selim Lemouchi (the Devil’s Blood) 3/5

Speaker Knockerz aka Derek McAllister 3/6

Charles Love (Bloodstone) 3/7

Buren Fowler (Drivin’ n’ Cryin’) 3/8

Jerry Corbitt (Youngbloods) 3/9

Michael Jagosz (L.A. Guns) 3/9

George Donaldson (Celtic Thunder) 3/12

Gary Burger (The Monks) 3/14

Scott Asheton 3/15

Joe Lala 3/18

Rob Rose (Romantix) 3/19

Oderus Urungus aka Dave Brockie 3/23

Joe Frazier (Chad Mitchell Trio) 3/28

Dave Gregg (D.O.A.) 3/31

Frankie Knuckles 3/31




Arthur Smith 4/3

Wayne Henderson (Jazz Crusaders) 4/4

Jason McCash (Gates of Slumber) 4/6

Mickey Rooney 4/6

Lee Black Childers 4/6

Pete Buckmaster (By Starlight) 4/6

George Shuffler (Ralph Stanley’s Clinch Mountain Boys) 4/7

Jesse Winchester 4/11

Nandu Bhende (Velvet Fogg) 4/11

Dave Innes (4/11)

Fred Ho 4/12

Armando Peraza 4/14

Shane Gibson (Korn) 4/15

James Knowles 4/17

Mike Atta (The Middle Class) 4/20

Lee Dresser (The Krazy Kats) 4/24

DJ Rashad 4/26

DJ E-Z Rock 4/27

Mike Gallipoli (Denied Existence) 4/27

Dennis Kamakahi 4/28

Paul Goddard (Atlanta Rhythm Section) 4/29

Joe Young (AntiSeen) 4/30

Larry Ramos (Association) 4/30




Jessica Cleaves (Friends of Distinctiion) 5/2

Bobby Gregg 5/3

Ed Gagliardi (Foreigner) 5/11

Nash The Slash aka Jeff Plewman 5/12

Donnie Evil aka Chris Donahue 5/13

Ernie Chataway (Judas Priest) 5/13

Jerry Vale 5/18

Randy Coven 5/20

Martin Lister (Alphaville) 5/21

Sergio de Bustamante (Los Spyders) 5/22

Tommy Blom (Tages) 5/25

Coleman Lewis 5/30


Jimmy Scott


Victor Agnello (Laaz Rocket) 6/1

Steve Becker (Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes) 6/1

Weldon Myrick (steel guitarist) 6/2

Brian Alguire (Crazy Ivans) 6/4

Doc Neeson 6/4

Alan Douglas 6/7

Jimmy Scott 6/12

Jim Keays (Masters Apprentice) 6/13

Casey Kasem 6/15

Horace Silver 6/18

Johnny Mann 6/18

Gerry Goffin 6/19

Bobby Womack 6/27




Nick Charles (blues bassist) 7/1

Kathy Stobart (jazz saxist) 7/5

Lois Johnson 7/7

Frankie Dunop (jazz drummer) 7/7

John Spinks (The Outfied) 7/9

Skip Meyer (Shoes) 7/9

Chris Grier (To Live and Shave in L.A.) 7/10

Tommy Ramone aka Tommy Erdelyi 7/11

Charlie Haden 7/11

Johnny Winter 7/16

Idris Muhammed 7/29

Giorgio Gas

Dick Wagner 7/30


Charles M. Young


Rod de’Ath 8/1

Robin Williams 8/11

Tony Cahill (Easybeats, Purple Hearts, Python Lee Jackson) 8/13

Rick Parashar 8/14

Charles M. Young 8/18 (pictured above)

Jean Redpath 8/21

Tommy Gough (The Crests) 8/24

Uziah Thompson (reggae singer) 8/25

Glenn Cornick (Jethro Tull, Wild Turkey) 8/28

Stuart Gordon (Korgis) 8/28

Jimi Jamison (Survivor) 8/31


Peter Gutteridge


Nicky da B aka Nickesse Toney (bounce musician) 9/2

Gustavo Cerati (Soda Stereo) 9/4

Hopeton Lewis (reggae singer) 9/4

Simone Battle (G.R.L.) 9/5

Gerald Wilson (jazz trumpeter) 9/8

Robert “Throb” Young (Primal Scream 9/9

Cosimo Matassa 9/11

Bob Crewe 9/11

Joe Sample 9/12

Tom Skeeter (owner of Sound City Studios) 9/12

Peter Gutteridge (Clean, Chills, Snapper, Alpaca Brothers, Great Unwashed, Puddle) 9/14

George Hamilton IV 9/17

U. Srinivas 9/19

Mark Loomis (Chocolate Watchband) 9/26

Jack Bruce


 Lynsey de Paul 10/1

Paul Revere 10/4

Leonard Delaney (Tornadoes) 10/5

Style Scott 10/9

Mark Bell (LFO) 10/13

Isaiah “Ikey” Owens (Jack White band, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Mars Volta) 10/14

Tim Hauser (Manhattan Transfer, Criterions) 10/14

Clive Jones (Black Widow) 10/16

Joanne Borgella 10/18

Winston Holt (reggae singer) 10/19

James Levesque (Agent Orange) 10/19

Raphael Ravenscroft (sax session man) 10/19

Tyson Stevens (Scary Kids Scaring Kids) 10/22

Alvin Stardust 10/23

Jeanne Black (country singer) 10/23

Jack Bruce 10/25


Rick Rosas


Wayne Static (Static X) 11/1

Acker Bilk 11/2

Michael Coleman (blues guitarist) 11/2

Gary McMillan (Standells) 11/5

Rick Rosas aka “Rick the Bass Player” (Neil Young, Pegi Young) 11/6

Hugo Duarte 11/7

Big Bank Hank (Sugarhill Gang) 11/11

Buddy Catlett (jazz bassist) 11/12

Johnny Toobad aka Johnny Elichaoff 11/13

Brian Griffith 11/14

Jimmy Ruffin 11/17

Clive Palmer (Incredible String Band) 11/23




Bobby Keys 12/2

Ian McLagan 12/3

Nick Talbot (Gravenhurst) 12/4

Bob Montgomery (Buddy Holly) 12/4

Brian Goble (Subhumans) 12/7

Winfred “Blue” Lovett (Manhattans) 12/10

Raoul Cita (Harptones) 12/13

John Hampton (Ardent Studios) 12/13

John Fry (Ardent Studios/Records) 12/18

Joe Cocker 12/22

Buddy DeFranco (jazz clarinetist) 12/24

Alberta Adams (blues singer) 12/25


January 2015

Jeff Golub 1/1/15

Donna Douglas (Beverly Hillbillies) 1/2/15

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