back with a new album, but don’t expect a roots-rock



The last thing most people want to do after a divorce is
spend time with their ex. But Cary Hudson and Laurie Stirratt have chosen to do
exactly that for months at a time by reuniting alt-country band Blue Mountain,
which previously enjoyed a celebrated 1991-2002 run. Hell, if Stevie Nicks and
Lindsey Buckingham can do it, why not Laurie and Cary? 


“We got asked last spring to play the Twangfest in Missouri,” recalls Hudson.
“I got in touch with Laurie and she said it seemed like a fun idea. Once word
got around, we started getting more offers to play. It ended up being fun, so
we kept doing it.”


In fact, they were having so much fun, they decided to go
back into the studio and record a new album.  Hudson says the currently untitled album
has the same sound as Blue
Mountain’s classic
records, but is more narrative-driven than the band’s previous work.


One example is the song “Jimmy the Snake,” which Hudson describes as a
jazzy “faux-Django song.”


“It’s kind of a fictional story, but it stars our drummer
Frank,” says Hudson.
“It’s in the tradition of people who write songs about the resident rock star
of the band. Sort of like Mick writing about Keith in ‘Torn and Frayed.’”


Then there’s “She’s a Wild One,” about someone who might be
a little too wild for his own good.


“It’s loosely based on this old guy I bought weed from in Mexico and ended up sitting in a bar talking
to,” says Hudson.
“He was about 70, far too old to be doing that.”


While Hudson
is full of stories about other people, anyone looking for Fleetwood Mac-style
songs about the Hudson-Stirratt relationship on the new album may be
disappointed. In fact, the only song about them is a cover called “Emily
Smiles,” which was written by Jim Mize. (Blue Mountain
die-hards will remember him as the writer of “Let’s Go Running” on Dog Days.)


“I always wanted to do that song,” says Hudson. ““Then I ran into Mize in Arkansas and he said ‘You
know, I wrote it about you and Laurie.’ We had no idea!”



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