The hills are alive
with the sound of Mia!



Mia Doi Todd’s Gea (City Zen) is rich with
contemplative art-folk that’s simultaneously cerebral and sensual. The L.A.
singer/songwriter once lived in Japan, studying avant-garde Butoh dancing, and
we asked her to envision how some of Gea‘s
songs might be expressed through dance, Butoh or otherwise.



“Big Bad Wolf & Black Widow Spider”

I could see that as a
ballet. Peter & The Wolf meets The Wizard of Oz meets Charlotte’s Web, with dancers in crazy,
outlandish costumes.



“Esperar Es Caro”

One dancer doing a
flamenco… the fire rising, and longing, like a wolf howling to the moon.




A tap dancer. It’s a
sad song. I hear it with a bittersweet-ness. There’s something about
tap-dancing that is bittersweet.



“Can I Borrow You?”

You go out dancing;
early in the night you’re kind of shy. You have a drink or two and start to
loosen up, you really dance your heart out… totally exhaust yourself. And
maybe then you go home with that person who asked you to dance.



“Wolf Reprise”

A more Butoh aesthetic.
A dancer being like a stray dog wandering a lonely street at night, some
plastic bags floating around. Plastic bags, they can really dance. 

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