“Some people are glad I’m spewing cum on
them”: concertgoers at this week’s Bonnaroo festival will get their chance to
share the love.




It’s been a
banner year for interplanetary (by way of Richmond, VA) heavy metal merchants
GWAR, what with the release of their 12th album, Lust In Space, in the process reuniting
with their old label Metal Blade; launching a major tour, which included a
week-long “Crack-A-Thon” held in April in Brooklyn featuring numerous special
guests; and of course frontman Oderus Urungus’ ongoing gig as a correspondent
for Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld-hosted Red Eye program. What’s surely a career capper for the band, however, is the upcoming
appearance at Bonnaroo, on Saturday night (June 12), on The Other Tent stage. GWAR’s
newfound Bonnaroo headliner status elevates the group to a level on par with
such previous superstar appearances as Bruce Springsteen, Metallica, the Police
and Kanye West even as it raises eyebrows among GWAR’s rabid fanbase. World
domination clearly awaits.


Anyway, herein
find a candid conversation conducted with Urungus (a/k/a David Brockie), who discussed
a number of issues and subjects ranging from the Bonnaroo gig and Metal Blade
to the band’s notorious 1990 obscenity bust and issues stemming from walking
around for 25 years with the massive Cuttlefish of C’thulhu dangling between
his legs. And for those readers needing more GWAR (of course you need
more GWAR; who doesn’t?) you can check it out elsewhere on
the BLURT website




BLURT: Do you feel that playing Bonnaroo
is validating? How do you feel about all the Americana acts going on earlier?


ODERUS: That’s
fine with me, all the drunkest most fucked-up people will be there. As far as
the opening acts, I must say that I am neither aware or concerned, though I
would like to see the Steve Martin banjo band.


How about your relationship with Greg
Gutfeld and Fox News –  don’t you think
it’s ironic that some of the same right wingers that wanted to put your lights
out twenty years ago are now capitalizing on your notoriety?


Greg’s great and
it’s a ton of fun being on the show. I am part of the Red Eye family and it’s really cool. They love GWAR and I don’t
give a shit that it’s on Fox News.  Most
people end up watching the clips on YouTube anyway. But I would say this is a
good example of us being good businessmen for once. We took a one-shot deal and
turned it into a recurring thing. I hope I am on Red Eye forever – as the Intergalactic Correspondent – as long as i
get my own show at some point.


You said something previously about the
Cuttlefish of C’thulhu possibly being to blame for GWAR’s lack of mainstream
success.  Expand on that.


I just meant
that me walking around with my dick hanging out for 25 years has impacted GWAR in
both a negative and positive way. Some people are glad I’m spewing cum on them,
and some see my massive girth and are filled with a jealous rage.


How many times have you been arrested for
your costume?  And what’s this about
having problems with the Canadian passport office? Being a Canadian National,
why does Canada
hassle you?


I have only been
arrested “sans pants” one time but have come close on countless
occasions. The Canadians are fine with GWAR after not being so much so for a
long time. It’s just that their passports expire every five years and it’s a
real pain to get them renewed. That, and I am sure there is a whole file full
of obscene GWAR shit that pops up every time they punch my name into the


Talk about your rekindled relationship
with Brian Slagel and Metal Blade for Lust
in Space
.  Do you attribute your
recent success to the reunion?


Partially, I
believe that, yes. I think we had to get away from Metal Blade in order to
understand how much we missed them. There is a lot to be said about a label
that survives 30 years in this world. It’s good to have a home, and without a
decent label behind you, you miss a lot of opportunities that being part of a network
and family brings you.

      It’s super cool seeing bands like
Cannibal Corpse and GWAR getting the success they deserve for keeping it going
so long, and Metal Blade is a big part of that.


September will mark the 20th anniversary
of your getting busted for obscenity, following a performance at the 4808 Club
– which I operated – in Charlotte, NC. 1992’s America Must Be Destroyed album was about the Charlotte arrests. And the Grammy-nominated Phallus in Wonderland video was
obviously about your odyssey and ordeal in Charlotte. What are your feelings about what
happened then, and in hindsight would you have done things differently in the
early days?


I can’t say I
would have done anything differently; I am pretty satisfied with my life and
the direction it is taking. I maybe wouldn’t have blown all the money my mom
left me on drugs and loose women. But it was fun, hell, and now that I am broke
again I can fully embrace my starving artist roots.


You’ve read my book, Kill The Music, documenting the 1990 arrests, right? You and I
were both jailed for the alleged “obscene” performance… 


I knew it
wouldn’t be long before you worked yourself into this interview! Yes, I think
you did a fine job, though I didn’t get enough page-time. You left out the
whole scene where we had sex!


There’s only so much prison sex I can
discuss in this forum. Anyway, with GWAR melting the polar ice caps by burning
crack 24-7, what forecast does Oderus have for Earth in the near future?


I predict at
least another 25 years of GWAR! That, and the oceans will turn into oil.


Michael G. Plumides Jr. is the author of
the 2009 memoir
Kill The
Music. An excerpt from the book detailing
the incidents leading up to and surrounding the GWAR obscenity bust appeared in
the third print issue of BLURT.


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