of dynamic duo Tegan & Sara, the Canadian popster has more than just a good
home-cooked meal on her mind these days.





Speaking to Blurt just one day before the November 4
Presidential Election, Tegan Quinn (pictured above, on the right) is hyped up,
a little scared and really talkative. 
Having recently completed a very successful cross-country Tegan &
Sara tour (with her twin sister Sara of course), she’s quick to praise the
bigger crowds and overwhelming response to the duo’s fifth album, 2007’s The Con, but deep down she really just
wants to rap about gay marriage, boobs and her grandma.         





Blurt: In terms of
what’s facing the next president, what are you most concerned about?


Tegan: As a Canadian, there are certain things that we take
for granted because it’s just always been there. Things like health care, and
we don’t really get involved in war. The idea that you guys are spending twelve
billion dollars a month in Iraq
and 45 million Americans don’t have health care is ridiculous. It’s an outrage.
It stresses me out at night before I go to sleep. I should be thinking about
sex, or making more money, or selling records, or meeting Bruce Springsteen,
but instead I’m thinking about how one of the wealthiest nations in the world
doesn’t care for its people. And as a person that now lives part time in California, it concerns
me that people are voting yes for Prop 8. I’ve been working a ton with the
people from Prop 8 to hopefully keep gay marriage and equality for people who
are homosexual [this Proposition did pass and is being protested heavily]. I
just don’t think that there should be a double standard. It’s been proven that
there’s a gay gene. I don’t think that it’s fair that anyone be excluded.



Blurt: Why are people
so concerned about who marries who, especially during a time like this? Why is
this an issue right now?


Tegan: I think a lot of people are just afraid. They’re
living in fear about a lot of things, be it the terrorists that the George Bush
administration made us afraid of, or God – we all live in fear of not being
welcomed into heaven. So I think ultimately gay marriage shouldn’t be relevant
to anybody. It shouldn’t be an issue at this point, but I think it’s actually
an easier topic for us to concern ourselves with. I think that trying to figure
out how to give everyone health care and stressing out over whether that’s
socialism or not; that’s a pretty big topic and I think most people aren’t
trying to wrap their heads around it. They’re just saying things like, ‘that’s
socialism anyway,’ and ‘gay people shouldn’t get married.’ They’re just saying
the tag lines. And I think the Republican Party is pretty great at coming up
with those tag lines. And it just makes the other side look kind of backwards.
You know, like you’ve seen the Prop 8 ads with the two different water
fountains. It’s similar. Like for those of us that are gay and remember being
three or four years old and being attracted to women, it’s like it wasn’t a
choice. I didn’t make a choice when I was three years old to like my best
friend, I just did. The same way a little boy knows that he likes a little
girl; I knew I liked girls too. And so it’s very frustrating. I’m dating a girl
right now who’s never dated girls before and she gets so upset and riled up
talking about it. And I always say to her, ‘You can’t change the world. You can
only change the people that love you.’ And you would be surprised how many
people that love you don’t know or understand that this isn’t a choice.



Blurt: Now some more
lighthearted questions. What’s the biggest size bra you’ve ever been hit with
while playing onstage?


Tegan: Oh, my god! I mean they’re always big and I always
laugh because I’ve always dated girls with small boobs. So I’m like, ‘This is
the worst thing ever!’ If you threw a small-boobed bra onstage I would be like,
‘Oh, that’s hot. What girl threw this?’ But there’s nothing more not hot than
giant boobs – when you have boobs that is.



Blurt: Name one or
two things that you never leave home without when you go on tour.


Tegan: IPod and bedding, because when you sleep on the bus,
I just… I know exactly what has happened in those bunks and I don’t want my
skin to be anywhere near it.



Blurt: That sounds
like a wise idea. What album do you always take with you on tour?


Tegan: The Essential
Bruce Springsteen



Blurt: What’s your
favorite band right now?


Tegan: I’m really into Ra Ra Riot right now.



Blurt: What’s the
best and/or worst part of spending so much time with your sister?


Tegan: I think the best part is that she’s actually really
funny, and I think the two of us together are really funny. So I like hanging
out with her because I’m always very entertained. I never feel bored of Sara,
or her stories. I think the worst part is, just as you can imagine, traveling
with your sibling and spending probably 60 percent of your time on the road
with her, sometimes we can get very frustrated with one another. There’s a
certain amount of bullshit that you can take out on each other that you could
never take out on another human being or you’d probably be sent to prison. So I
think that can be the worst sometimes, because it can be very stressful dealing
with each other emotionally.



Blurt: What would you
consider to be your best habit or quality?


Tegan: I think I’m a pretty generous human being. I just had
an argument with my grandfather the other day because he said it’s like I’m
running a communist or socialist band the way that we think over things and
give percentages to the people we work with. And we’re pretty good about
bonusing everybody, and if someone is coming to a show with free stuff for Sara
and I, I make sure they bring free stuff for the band, and if they’re not, then
I have them send it to us rather than show up without enough for everyone. I
think the philosophy is: don’t bring gum to class unless you have a piece for
everybody. That’s sort of been our philosophy, and we have a very close knit
and loyal group around us for that reason. I think that we really care. And so
I think that’s probably my best quality, that I really genuinely care about
everyone around me.



Blurt: And how about


Tegan: I don’t think I’m that great of a listener. Though
people constantly are telling me how I’m a really good listener, I feel like
they’re being passive-aggressive. I’m very excitable, very high strung, a very
anxious person and I sometimes, it’s not so much that I don’t listen, as much
as I just constantly talk. And so I feel like I monopolize a lot of time and
often feel this burden or this expectation to entertain when it’s not expected
of me, and so I come off sometimes a little narcissistic.



Blurt: If you could
have dinner with any person – living or dead – who would it be? 


Tegan: I would have dinner with my grandma. She passed away
three years ago and I miss her like crazy. She was funny and just so awesome.
She’s the first rock star I ever met. I mean, she was an absolute star in our
lives. There would probably be like a hundred visitors a year to their house. They
were constantly entertaining and they had a bar in their basement and they just
mesmerized everyone. So my grandmother was just an amazing force. And I spent
so much time on the road the last few years, I really didn’t see her much
before she died and so I would have dinner with her.



Blurt: What’s your
favorite food?


Tegan: I’ll take a roast beef, mashed potatoes, asparagus,
gravy, Yorkshire pudding dinner any time.



Blurt: if you weren’t
a musician, what do you think you’d be doing to pay the rent?


Tegan: Oh god, I probably wouldn’t be paying the rent. I’d
find some girl that was really rich and just live off of her.






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