BANDAS MACHOS Latin Alternative/Latin Invasion Music (Pt. 3)

We keep finding más y más killer
Latin Invasion bands. Now we pass them on to you – the audio and the videos.




In which our series continues on the
new wave of Latin Alternative/Latin Invasion music. Pictured above: Bam Bam. Go here for Part 1, and here for Part 2.


Last time,
we tried to compile a guide, in 2007, of Latin Invasion bands that blew up our
collective skirt, it was damn nigh impossible to whittle it down to fit the
allotted space. Without the constraints of the print medium, we’re free to dish
on as many cool bands as we want, not to mention do something we couldn’t do in
a physical publication – put the music at your fingertips.


you’ll find a list of nearly two dozen bands from Mexico,
Spain, Peru, Chile,
Argentina, Colombia and everywhere else in Latin America, along with YouTube and MySpace links to
what may be some of your new favorite songs. They’re certainly some of ours.


instance, BLURT caught Spanish indie/post-punk foursome The Unfinished Sympathy
at SXSW last year. Due to a miscommunication between us and the party
organizers, we thought they were Nudozurdo. But when the CD arrived and we
heard a fine Coldplay-esque band, we figured out the mistake – but then it took
a few months ago to track down The Unfinished Sympathy, our actual new rock
heroes. Sadly, the band broke up last year, although frontguy Eric Fuentes
continues to rock with Eric Fuentes y el Mal (Eric Fuentes and the Bad), and
he’s still churning out killer rock tunes that range from Replacements power
pop to Mötörhead’s power chord growl. Strange bedfellows, yup – but trust us on
this one: You’re gonna be hooked.


also proud to introduce you to a slew of other bandas machos like Polock, Ratas del Vaticano, Childs, Los Fancy
Free, Joe Volume & the Shot o’Clock, Hello Seahorse, Banda de Turistas,
Poncho, Inservibles, Disco Ruido and Linda Mirada. Together they cover
everything from indie to punk to garage to surf to synth-pop and then some, so
there’s something for everyone.


Enjoy –
and look forward to future editions because this is merely a third of the
outstanding music we dug up.


P.S. And
here’s something extra cool: Visit,
the label owned by Bam Bam’s Mou Ortiz, and you can download the entire roster.




The Unfinished Sympathy (Barcelona, Spain)

Eric Fuentes y El Mal (Barcelona, Spain)


The Unfinished Sympathy – “Hooligans
In Love” from Avida Dollars (Label)




Eric Fuentes y el Mal – “Rock and
Roll Is A Full-Time Job” from Eric
Fuentes y el Mal




Eric Fuentes y el Mal – “Growl”
from Eric Fuentes y el Mal (Subterfuge)




Chikita Violenta (Distrito Federal, Mexico)


“Tired” from TRE3S (Arts & Crafts)





Banda de Turistas (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


“El Rogadero” from Album (Nacional Records)





Polock (Barcelona, Spain)


“Tangerines and Unicorns” from Getting Down from the Trees (Nacional





Linda Mirada (Spain)


“San Valentin” from China Es Otra Cultura (Siesta)





Los Fancy Free (Distrito Federal, Mexico)


“Ja Ja Ja” from Never Greens, Vol. 1 (Silicone Carne)





Rey Pila (Hometown, Hometown)


“No Longer Fun” from Rey Pila (Arts & Crafts)





Childs (Guadalajara, Mexico)


“Mariana” from Yui (Static Discos)






Bam Bam (Monterrey, Mexico)


“Por Favor No Vuelvas a Nacer”
from Bam Bam (Nene Records)




“2011 Album Preview #1” (Arts
& Crafts México)




“2011 Album Preview #2” (Arts
& Crafts México)




“2011 Album Preview #3” (Arts
& Crafts México)





Ratas del Vaticano (Monterrey, Mexico)


“Tema del las Ratas”




Inservibles (Santa
Cruz Meyehualco,


“Trigueña” from Inservibles (Nene Records)




Hypnomango (Monterrey, Mexico)


“El Mundo No Es Real” from Hypnomango EP (Nene Records)






de Amor Bizarro

(Coruña, Spain)


“De la Monarquía a la Criptocracia”
from Año Santo (Mushroom Pillow)








“Yo No Te Pido la Luna” from Esquemas Juveniles (Union del Sur)






Federal, Mexico)


Volume & the Shot o’Clock
– “Oh Lord”






Tachenko (Zaragoza, Spain)


“El Resplandor”






Misterio (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


“Cochinitas” from 10 Yr Old Zombie (Nacional Records)





Hello Seahorse (Mexico City, Mexico)


“Bestia” from Bestia (Nacional Records)





Poncho (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


Kansas (feat. Banda de Turistas)” from Ponchototal (Nacional Records)



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