AUSTIN REDUX: Blurt’s SXSW 2014 Report

Alejandro Cont. Club 3-16

Yes, we finally recovered… pictured above is the always-dapper Alejandro Escovedo at the Continental Club on March 16.


 Where were you March 12-15 this year? The BLURT crew was at our favorite city on the planet, Austin, TX, for our annual SXSW sabbatical. As always, it was a gas at SXSW 2014, from NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s long-distance lecture (apparently the government does not have our best interests in mind, duh); to Tyler, The Creator getting busted for inciting a riot (he instructed fans to storm the gates at a sold-out concert) to Lady Gaga’s scathing keynote address/interview (she claimed that most people are clueless as to how the music business really works, in an attempt to justify sponsorship intrusions) to Neil Young’s marketing-schtick-disguised-as-a-keynote (he was launching a crowdfunding campaign for his new PONO music device and treated attendees to a video of him hanging out with a bunch of fellow musicians who sang his praises to the high heavens).

 There was also the shocking tragedy of a man driving his car into the crowd on Red River while trying to escape a traffic stop; to date four people have died, and 21 more were injured. The event cast a pall over the entire festival and also prompted a chorus of “SXSW has gotten too big and unwieldy,” which of course has been heard every year for the past decade (or more) and obviously ignores the basic question of what could have been possibly done to predict and prevent the tragedy (the answer: nothing).

 Meanwhile, there were hundreds of must see performances, and yeah, we saw a few of ‘em, and our own Little Miss Shutterbug, Susan Moll was on hand to document ‘em. Some were official SXSW showcases, while others took place Wednesday through Saturday at our annual Industry Of Music Showcase day parties on the eternally sunshiney patio of the Ginger Man Pub (301 Lavaca St., between 3rd and 4th Streets). Many thanks to our partner Dogfish Head beer as well as the good folks at the Ginger Man – we couldn’t have done it without ya, folks. (Check out our Austin report from last year right here,.)


 Nicole Atkins at the Ginger Man

Nicole Atkins 1

Nicole Atkins 2

Waco Brothers at the Ginger Man

Waco Bros 2

Waco Bros 1

St. Vincent at Stubbs March 12



Urge Overkill at the Ginger Man

Urge Overkill 1

Urge Overkill 2

Lou Reed Tribute March 14 at the Paramount Theatre

Peter Zaremba (Fleshtones)

Lou Reed trib 1 Peter Zaremba

Sharon Needles

Lou Reed trib 2 Sharon Needles

Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet)

Lou Reed trib 5 Spandau Ballet

Suzanne Vega

Lou Reed trib 4 Suzanne Vega

Richard Barone & Alejandro Escovedo

Lou Reed trib 3

Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn 3-14 Lou Reed trib Paramount

Linda Pitmon of Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 at the Ginger Man

SW3 Linda Pitmon 3-14 Ginger Man

Jason Victor of Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 at the Ginger Man

SW3 Jason Victor 3-14 Ginger Man

The Baseball Project at the Ginger Man



Haley Bonar at the Ginger Man



Basia Bulat at the Ginger Man



The Autumn Defense at the Ginger Man

Autumn Defense 2

Autumn Defense 1

Churchwood at the Ginger Man

Churchwood 1

Churchwood 2

David J at the Ginger Man

David J 2

David J 1

Dog Trumpet at the Ginger Man

Dog Trumpet 1

Dog Trumpet 2

Keith Streng w/The Split Squad celebrates another successful SXSW at the Ginger Man(photo by Marybeth Kurzynowski)


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