ATLANTA RECKONING: Cowboy Junkies Live (photos & review)

The Cowboy Junkies wrapped up their brief Southern swing this month with shows in Franklin, TN, Birmingham, AL, and two sold-out shows, March 9 and 10, at Atlanta’s City Winery.  Our man in Hot ‘lanta caught the Saturday night show, and raved to tell about it.


For this show, and no doubt the others, The Cowboy Junkies are doing something considered daring or even suicidal by today’s music biz standards – not only recording new music but spending most of their first set actually playing it live, and coming back for the older stuff after a break.   With new songs and a performance this good it is, of course, what they should be doing, because their fans are ready for anything this band wants to play.  (As a ground-zero CJs fan who saw the band several months back in Asheville, NC, I can testify to both that and to their prowess in delivering. – Blurt Editor)

The latest LP is called “All That Reckoning” and by my newly acquired familiarity with their catalogue, it is as great as than anything they’ve done, maybe better than some. (Ditto. It’s brilliant. – Ed.)

The Cowboy Junkies are from Canada and formed in 1985 by Margo Timmins (vocals), Michael Timmins (guitarist), Peter Timmins (drums) and Alan Anton (bass).  There they are, three siblings (plus close friend Anton), together all these years, continuing to write, record, and perform powerful music, despite ups and downs of life and music.  The band is joined onstage by multi-instrumentalist and longtime collaborator Jeff Bird, who is a secret weapon up there in the background.

Described as a blues-folk-rock-jazzy-alternative-country band, I could make the case they are their own genre, brcause it’s hard to pin ‘em down on any one thing.

Tour resumes in April – dates are here:

And one last plug – you can buy Cowboy Junkies vinyl and CDs here, directly from the band:   They are high quality, and priced right.  Having turned into a Cowboy Junkies junkie,  this live show isn’t going to do much to change that; it probably made my habit worse.  Thank you, Margo, and fellas.


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