A PIECE OF POP Teddy Thompson

Richard and Linda’s
kid revs it up a gear.




For Teddy Thompson fans, the up-tempo feel of the English
singer-songwriter’s latest album, A Piece of What You Need,
may be somewhat of a shock. Thompson, however, couldn’t care less. “I get sick
of moping around, having lots of slow songs. It still sounds like me, but there
are some people who prefer different sides of what you do,” he says. “So
there’s a few people who want to hear slow songs all the time, but… fuck them.”


Don’t get Thompson wrong-he loves
his fans, but with A Piece of What You
, the son of Richard and Linda Thompson (and Rufus Wainwright running
buddy) thinks he’s made a record that is “just a lot more realized” than most
of his work, thanks to “a lot of forethought [and] preproduction, which is
often an excuse to just hang out and spend money, but in this case, it worked.”


Thompson’s right-hand-man for the
11-track album was producer Marius de Vries, who has previously worked with
Madonna and Bjork-both of whom Thompson jokes he slept with (“They were all
there,” he insists). But de Vries didn’t just get Thompson a fictional piece-he
made Piece pop.


“He’s very sort of George Martin,”
says Thompson, “very sort of proper English: ‘Let’s get together noon tomorrow,
don’t be late, chop-chop!'” But… we’re both very English, so we’ve never had
any big fights-we’ve had some gentlemanly disagreements that resulted in a
stiff martini, and then we got back to work.”


Thompson will tour later this year
in England and in the United States,
spending September on the west coast and October on the east. After that,
Thompson’s not sure what’s next-it depends on what fans think of his new sound.


“If this sells a million copies, I
might keep moving in this direction; I could go either way, honestly,” Thompson
says. “I actually feel quite lucky. I am capable of making a record with just
myself and my guitar if I so choose, but I certainly have bigger ideas in the
other direction, so I don’t really know. I’m going to wait and see what


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