11 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT… Jessica Lea Mayfield

The Bonnaroo-bound singer-songwriter digs the Waffle House,
hawt guys,
and Trailer Park Boys – and
she will shoot your ass.




I have a half-boxer, half-lab named after Elliott Smith,
and a black cat named after Doyle Lawson. I got their names tattooed on my
wrist, spur of the moment with a cute guy, [in] hot pink and red.


I love Foo Fighters and the band Alabama. Two flawless studio bands that
crank out perfect records … If you don’t like either artist, then you just
think it’s cool to not like popular things.


I keep a loaded shotgun by my bed, motherfuckers! I
frequent local gun shows with my daddy and I love shooting guns.


I do folk art paintings of myself, monsters and owls. I
took an interest in painting when I became friends with Scott Avett and he was
working on the artwork for the vinyl version of With Blasphemy So Heartfelt.
I intended on it being the only cover, but there was controversy over his
artwork and to end arguments I used an owl I painted.   


One of my favorite living songwriters is my brother, David
Mayfield. His first single “I Just Might Pray” is a song I gave him. He added
lyrics and some of his magic. I wrote the song about my crappy ex-boyfriend,
William McCuan, who is now in prison for being a moron.


I don’t watch TV, and only have Internet on my phone, so
talk radio is my main source of news. I really enjoy hearing the local people
call in and give their opinions. I haven’t called in yet, but I’ve considered


There are a few TV shows that I like, one being Trailer
Park Boys
, two being Dexter (OMFG he is so hawt) and The
, which I’m pissed was canceled.


I go through phases of being unrealistically boy crazy. My
dear friend and guitarist Richie Kirkpatrick (of the awesome band
Ghostfinger) summed it up best by calling me a “Man’s Lady” (like the opposite
of a ladies’ man).


I own a three-bedroom farmhouse in Kent, Ohio.
My guestroom is red, white and blue, with pictures of American-themed things
like NASCAR and Abe Lincoln. My dad built six bunks on the wall so I can house
my band friends when they come through!


I am most happy when we are in the vicinity of a Waffle
House. I like to start my day with dry raisin toast, black coffee and a few
Diet Cokes. I also put into the jukebox “Special Lady,” “Waffle House
Hashbrowns (I Love You),” and matchbox twenty’s acoustic version of “Push,”
maybe even some Rob Thomas and Santana. And then “Special Lady” a couple more


If you insist on buying me a drink, I’ll take two fingers of
Jack Daniels with no ice. Or a Bud Select 55.


Mayfield’s second album Tell
Me, produced by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, is out on Nonesuch.



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