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The BLURT Zine Roundup (Fall/Winter 2018 Edition)

It’s flu season, punters, but don’t worry — those ink stains you get from thumbing through this stack of fanzines will only mark you as insightful, not infectious….


The Big Takeover (#81) Jack’a back (of course he is, every June and December, or thereabouts).  This issue has X as it’s cover stars plus interviews with Lawrence from Felt (by Mr. Joseph Kyle), Buffalo Tom, Yo La Tengo, No Age and parts 2’s of Art Bergmann, Roger Shepherd and Procol Harum and more. There’s also the usual short takes and holy brick of reviews and at nearly 150 pages it’s a doozy!  (***NEW ISH OUT ANY DAY NOW)

Dynamite Hemorrhage (#5)  Former Superdope editor Jay Hinman has been back for a few years with his new zine (not so new anymore). This one is another half-sized one and it looks fantastic. In this ish he has interviews with Nick from Majora Records (Sun City Girls, etc.) plus other pieces on Maxine Funke, Edible Arrangements, Hemorrhage in Dub, punk 45s and lotsa more. I’ve always been a fan of Jay’s writing so glad he’s still at it and you should be too.

Incremental Decrepitude (#5) Mr. Dave Brushback is back as he’s been in hiding for quite sometime (and dropped off social media) but back in a big way, I might add. You remember Dave, he used to do zines like Run It and Brushback as well as others. This one is back to full-size after his last pocket-sized ish. He’s got interview with Mountain Movers plus record, show and zine reviews and even a short piece on the old Chicago Band, Breaking Circus. This issue’s great but they may be gone by the time you read this. Still write to him anyway.

March, April & May (#5) Most excellent indie pop rag outta Beantown (Boston) that is half sized and pretty thick. This one has interviews and/or pieces on Traceyanne and Danny, Math & Physics Club, The Courtneys, Night Flowers, Odd Box Records and others plus reviews and more. Dan and his crew do a great job as this thing is packed to the gills and then some (there’s also a DL comp ever issue). I’m a convert.  

Own the Whole World (#17), Bob Forward used to publish this rag out of his Ohio home many moons ago (I remember hearing about it in the 80’s) and not sure how many issues he’s out out between then and now but he’s got a new one. It’s got a Harvey Gold interview and a piece on Tin Huey plus reviews and a whole mess of other stuff. Bob doesn’t go for the neat layout like many zines do but you’ll still feel compelled to read it all.

 Ugly Things (#48) Brand new ish out and I haven’t gotten mine yet (just ordered so in the mail) but it’s gonna be a doozie. How do I know? Because for one it always is and for two the lineup is The Other Half (pre-Blue Cheer), Elvis Presley (ever hear of him?), Trevor White, Marc Jonson and a ton more. Buy or fry (***NEW ISH OUT ANY DAY NOW).

Vulcher (#4) Yes! The Vulcher crew are back and better than ever and they’re already working on issue #5.  Eddie Flowers, Kelsey Simpson and “Sonic” Sam Murphy and a long list of contributors (including yours truly) kick out the jams here and inside there’s contributions from Bruce Mowat, Rich Coffee, Sal Maida, Gary “Pig” Gold, Claudia Bell and many, many more and these folks know their stuff.  No pages numbers but this thing has to be over 100 pages. Write Eddie at or Kelsey at

Zisk (#29) I have to start off every review of Zisk by stating that it is “The baseball magazine for people who hate baseball magazines.” I was late on deadline for this ish (and the previous one too) but wanna get back to contributing. This one has pieces on the sounds of today’s ballpark (oooh ahhhh), the mystery of Fritz Ackley’s rookie card (!!!), Houston celebrating its World Series win in last year (just in time for this year’s W.S….congrats Boston fans!) and plenty more.