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Incoming: Chris Bell (Big Star) Biography in August

By Blurt Staff

Considering how BLURT pretty much covers everything related to Big Star, this one’s a no-brainer: Venerable music journalist Rich Tupica has authored a biography/oral history of the late Big Star co-founder, Chris Bell, and it arrives in August via the equally venerable HoZac Records’ book division. Need we say more, other than we plan to be first in line at the bookstore for There Was A Light? Advises HoZac, “After FIVE solid years of painstaking research and hard work, Rich Tupica’s epic tome on the deep end of the BIG STAR story is ready.”

Indeed, Tupica interviewed pretty much anyone who knew or worked with Bell, and he also excavated key comments and quotes from folks who are no longer with us via archival interviews (Alex Chilton, among them). Clearly a must-read. You can view the preorder page HERE.

Video: Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks on CBS This Morning

By Blurt Staff

With the new Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks album Sparkle Hard album out now, CBS This Morning was the curious scene of a promotional stop from the erstwhile Pavement mainman. There was an interview with Anthony Mason followed by a performance of “Solid Silk,” below, for “Saturday Sessions.” Check it out:

MP3: Listen to Rosanne Cash/Ry Cooder’s 5/4/18 Johnny Cash Trib Show

By Uncle Blurt

Rosanne Cash had a musically-inclined father – you may have heard of him – and she’s frequently covered the gentleman’s songs in concert. More recently, she teamed with Ry Cooder to do an entire concert of those songs, and not necessarily the most iconic tunes. Now you can hear the show and nab it as a free download courtesy the archival mavens at Big O zine. The full tracklisting is below.

MP3: Rosanne Cash & Ry Cooder – SFJazz at the Miner Auditorium, San Francisco, CA; May 4, 2018

Disc 1

      Track 101
. show intro by Rosanne 2:38
      Track 102
. Understand Your Man 3:06
      Track 103
. Tennessee Flat Top Box 3:57
      Track 104
. Ry’s intro to Hey Porter 5:25
      Track 105
. Hey Porter 4:11
      Track 106
. Guess Things Happen That Way 4:20
      Track 107
. Pickin’ Time 4:33
      Track 108
. Don’t Take Your Guns To Town 7:37
      Track 109
. Hardin Wouldn’t Run 7:32
      Track 110
. Get Rhythm 4:00

Disc 2

      Track 201
. I Walk The Line 6:53
      Track 202
. I Still Miss Someone 4:55
      Track 203
. Give My Love To Rose 6:54
      Track 204
. band intros/The Long Black Veil 6:30
      Track 205
. Big River 4:39
      Track 206
. encore applause 1:27
      Track 207
. Ring Of Fire 6:51
      Track 208
. I Am A Pilgrim 5:31

Adolescents/Agent Orange’s Steve Soto 1954-2018 R.I.P.

Ace bassist/guitarist justifiably considered an American punk legend.

By Barbi Martinez

In an era when we increasingly – and sadly, but respectfully – take note of the passing of musical elders from all genres, it still remains a shock when we lose someone from the punk era, since those ranks are, for the most part, not even remotely considered old and infirm. But word arrived today that the 54-year-old Steve Soto died yesterday, June 27. The cause of death remains unclear as of this writing.

Soto was a ground zero West Coast punk, having been an original member of both Agent Orange and the Adolescents, as well as Manic Hispanic, Joyride, 22 Jacks, the Twisted Hearts, and more. Most recently he had been touring with the Adolescents that wrapped last weekend in New York. Tributes have subsequently poured forth on social media from scores of contemporaries and fellow punk musicians.

On Twitter, the Adolescents posted, “with heavy heart i share the passing of steve soto, my friend and bandmate since 1979. i dont know what to do. or to say. goodbye my brother.” And on Facebook, is friend Greg Antista initially announced Soto’s passing, writing, “I’m sorry to break such bad news in such an impersonal way but the family of Steve Soto would like everyone to know that he passed peacefully in his sleep today. I’m sure this is a terrible blow to all of you. He will be missed. We will be posting details on a memorial as plans are finalized.”

My Bloody Valentine Debuts 1st New Song in, Like, a Million Years

Bloody loveless, is all we can say, mate… (Photo credit: we have no idea, it was just on the web. Let us know if we need to take it down or, otherwise, who to credit.)

By Barbi Martinez

My all-time fave band My Bloody Valentine is making me sick right now – Friday night they performed a brand new song during their set at the London Meltdown Fest, which was curated by (ahem) someonen named Robert Smith. OMG. Check it out, below.

MP3: Download Nick Mason’s 5/23/18 Pink Floyd Show

And yes, before you ask, our dear ol’ Uncle saw the Floyd many times back in the day…

By Uncle Blurt

I saw the Floyd many times back in the day, and I must say… whoops, we are being redundant with this post already. Let’s just point ourselves at the sky and tune in to Big O zine’s post of a sweet audience recording of drummer Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets outfit doing a saucerful o’ Floyd in London on May 23:

MP3: Nick Mason’s Saucerful of SecretsHalf Moon, Putney, London, UK; May 23, 2018

The full tracklisting for the dynamite show is below, and it probably needs no commentary from moi. How about vous? Okay, well, maybe we should discuss the presence of Spandau Ballet’s Gary Kemp on guitar – and nevermind the New Romantics, here’s the Psychedelics! Download away, and grab corresponding artwork at the Big O.

      Track 101
. Soundscape 29:38
      Track 102
. Interstellar Overdrive 6:57
      Track 103
. Astronomy Domine 4:54
      Track 104
. Lucifer Sam 3:25
      Track 105
. Band introductions 2:42
      Track 106
. Fearless 5:41
      Track 107
. Obscured By Clouds and When You’re In 7:38
      Track 108
. Arnold Layne 3:28
      Track 201
. The Nile Song 4:32
      Track 202
. Green Is The Colour 4:41
      Track 203
. Let There Be More Light 6:16
      Track 204
. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 10:16
      Track 205
. See Emily Play 3:25
      Track 206
. Bike 3:01
      Track 207
. One Of These Days 7:54
      Track 208
. A Saucerful Of Secrets 7:37
      Track 209
. Point Me At The Sky 3:51

Nick Mason – drums
Guy Pratt – bass, vocals
Gary Kemp – guitar, vocals
Dom Beken – keyboards
Lee Harris – guitar

Incoming: Deluxe 3CD Box by Power Pop Icons Shoes


By Uncle Blurt

It’s not just that we were privileged to host Illinois legends Shoes at one of our SXSW day parties in Austin, or that we were huge fans going back decades of the power pop icons. It’s more like, ANYTHING these guys release, we will be first in line at the record store.

From Britain’s Cherry Red archival label:

Shoes: Black Vinyl Shoes, Anthology 1973-1978, 3CD Clamshell Boxset (Released August 31, 2018)

First issued in 1977 on the band’s own label but not widely available until it was reissued in 1978, SHOES’ first album proper, Black Vinyl Shoes, is an absolute classic of US Power Pop, characterised by gorgeous, Byrds-style chiming guitars, wistful, melancholy melodies and wonderful harmonies. These include the entire Black Vinyl Shoes album, their privately-pressed 1975 album One In Versailles, the 1975 recordings which were unissued at the time but belatedly presented as Bazooka, two tracks from their mythical 1974 LP Heads Or Tails, their one-off single for Bomp! and a handful of previously unissued tracks.

‘Nuf sed. Follow the link for the full track listing, which includes the titular LP plus the other proximate material.


Listen to Seattle ’72 Fleetwood Mac Show w/Danny Kirwan (R.I.P.)

The former Fleetwood Mac guitarist, and veteran of 5 key albums, passed away on June 8 at the age of 68.

By Uncle Blurt

The music world was caught offguard this past weekend with news of Danny Kirwan’s passing – speaking as someone who got to see him perform in the Bob Welch/Christine McVie-era incarnation of the band, I am particularly saddened. Not many details have been released as of this writing, although it’s known that he had numerous chemical and alcohol issues over the years.

He was a helluva guitarist, though, and the good folks at Big O zine have posted a sharp soundboard recording of Fleetwood Mac performing in ’72:

MP3: Paramount Northwest Theater, Seattle, WA; March 10, 1972

It’s an even mix of Kirwan/Peter Green-period classics and more then-recent fare from the Welch/McVie era (Future Games, etc.). The tracklist is below – enjoy. You can listen to it online or download it for free, along with downloadable artwork.

      Track 01
. Tuning and Intro 1:23 (2.3MB)
      Track 02
. Tell Me All The Things You Do 5:23 (9.1MB)
      Track 03
. Future Games 11:02 (18.5MB)
      Track 04
. Get Like You Used To Be 4:24 (7.4MB)
      Track 05
. Child Of Mine  7:23 (12.4MB)
      Track 06
. Spare Me A Little Of Your Love * 4:37 (7.8MB)
      Track 07
. Homeward Bound * 5:14 (8.8MB)
      Track 08
. Black Magic Woman 11:21 (19.1MB)
      Track 09
. Oh Well 3:07 (5.3MB)

Watch the Moody/Auto-Tuned New Swamp Dogg Video

By Blurt Staff

The above photo displays the handsome new Swamp Dogg album, Love, Loss, and Auto-Tune, which drops Sept. 7 via Joyful Noise. (The photo also shows the limited edition SD flexidisc that is offered to folks in the Joyful Noise VIP program. And yes, before you ask, it will also be available on CD and digital download.) The funk/soul/swamp-rockin’ legend clearly has no intentions of burning out or fading away, to paraphrase Neil Young. According to the label:

Nearly fifty years after his debut release, Swamp Dogg stands on the precipice of another radical reinvention. His latest creation is titled Love, Loss, and Auto-Tune a nine song collection featuring production by Poliça’s Ryan Olson. Love, Loss, and AutoTune finds Swamp Dogg’s bluesy southern soul colliding head-on with 21st Century electronic music production techniques.

You can get more details at the above link. Meanwhile, check out the new video for album track “I’ll Pretend”:

Thurston Moore/Bernie Sanders 2016 Flexi Rarity Now Available Digitally

Feel the Thurst, er, the Bern….

By Blurt Staff

This just in from Joyful Noise, via their Bandcamp page announcement. It speaks for itself, and you can nab the awesome track for just a buck. (Consider coughing up more, though.)

Early in the Bernie’s 2016 presidential campaign, Joyful Noise Recordings arranged for this incredible collaboration with Thurston Moore to benefit the campaign. Originally released on just 1000 flexi-discs.

Keep feeling the bern. The revolution lives on.

You can score the tune at the above link.