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MP3: Download John Cale’s 4/3/16 Remake of 1st Velvets LP


And check out the visual homage as well via the new artwork.

By Uncle Blurt

About 2 months ago John Cale assembled a host of friends – Animal Collective, the Libertines’ Pete Doherty and Carl Barat, Mark Lanegan, Lou Doillon, Saul Williams and Etienne Daho – in Paris to remake 1967’s The Velvet Underground & Nico in its entirety. The show was webcast, and over at the Big O zine zine they’ve got the show posted in MP3 format along with downloadable artwork.

MP3: John Cale & Friends – La Philharmonie, Paris, France April 3, 2016

It has great audio, to say the least. And there are also a handful of tracks from White Light/White Heat the collective performed as well. Below is the complete tracklisting.


      Track 101
. John Cale Intro 3:44 (6.3MB)
      Track 102
. I’m Waiting for the Man 8:04 (13.6MB)
      Track 103
. White Light/White Heat (with The Libertines) 4:19 (7.3MB)
      Track 104
. All Tomorrow’s Parties (with Mark Lanegan) 4:24 (7.4MB)
      Track 105
. Venus in Furs 5:29 (9.2MB)
      Track 106
. I’ll Be Your Mirror (with Étienne Daho) 2:43 (4.6MB)
      Track 107
. There She Goes Again (with Animal Collective) 5:20 (9.0MB)
      Track 108
. Sunday Morning 3:46 (6.3MB)
      Track 109
. European Son (with The Libertines) 10:22 (17.4MB)

      Track 201
. Femme Fatale (with Lou Doillon) 3:40 (6.2MB)
      Track 202
. Black Angel’s Death Song (with Mark Lanegan) 5:58 (10.0MB)
      Track 203
. Run Run Run (with The Libertines) 6:23 (10.7MB)
      Track 204
. Heroin (with Saul Williams) 8:56 (15.0MB)
      Track 205
. Sister Ray (finale with all the guests) 12:08 (20.4MB)

Video: Courtney Barnett covers Grateful Dead on Fallon


Boogie on, Courts…

By Blurt Staff

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon featured musical guest (and Blurt 2015 Artist of the Year) Courtney Barnett Friday night, and she performed an ear popping version of the Grateful Dead’s “New Speedway Boogie,” which she also recorded for the star-studded Day of the Dead (4AD) tribute album to you-know-who. Watch the live clip below.


Video Removed in Beth Orton-Joshua Tree Controversy


Not exactly like tagging a subway car, eh?

By Blurt Staff

Earlier this month Brit avant chanteuse Beth Orton released a video for the track “1973,” which will be on the upcoming Andrew Hung (Fuckbuttons)-co-produced Kicsticks album. Shot in the desert, the surreal, brightly-colored clip (directed by Tierney Gearon) included a scene in which Orton is shown spraypainting a Joshua tree. As it turns out, the yucca palm is a protected species, which means harming or destroying one is a federal offense.

An outcry subsequently erupted and a petition soon appeared in which Orton was advised to donate to the Mojave Desert Land Trust in order to cover costs of the cleanup. Among some of the more high-profile commenters: Jay Babcock, founder of the late great culture magazine Arthur:

Ancient joshua tree illegally vandalized by @beth_orton for music video. Spray paint will kill this tree. · Joshua Tree, CA, United States

Over the weekend it appears that Orton took the video down, and posted an apology at Facebook: “I am so sorry. I feel sick with disgust,” she writes. “I was told the tree was already dead. I will take the video down now. Please let me know what I can do to help make some kind of amends. I did not direct the video and was following direction but now I know what I have been part of I feel utterly devastated and of course take responsibility for my part. I am truly and deeply sorry.”

No word yet whether or not the tree was in fact dead, or if it turns out it was not dead, if Orton will respond positively to the petition’s demand.

We’re Gonna Step On You Again….


Just because we can… Above: The Chantoozies

By Barbi Martinez

This week we have been knee-deep in packing – boxes, tape, sharpies, logistics, and the like – in order to move to our new digs in Asheville, NC. (We moved to the nearby countryside a little less than a year ago but now we have purchased the former AVL Trump Towers and cannot wait to look out our penthouse windows….) The new editorial mailing address is:

Blurt Magazine
PO Box 15028
Asheville NC 28813


Our theme song for the week: the classic by John Kongos, “He’s Gonna Step On You Again”. Why? Because we – and I include the ladies on the staff in addition to the cavemen – don’t take no shit. In honor of the occasion….  let’s rock. See you in a week or so, when our Internet is hooked up by CableBastardCo., Inc…..

Video Premiere: The Scenics “O Boy” (live)

trio 11

From Canadian band’s archival recordings dating back to the late ‘70s.

By Blurt Staff

They were called the Scenics, and they got their start in Toronto in mid-’76, going on to become an extremely popular band on the Canadian Punk and New Wave scene. Formed by songwriters Ken Badger and Andy Meyers, the band had Horses, Television’s Little Johnny Jewel, and the first few Pere Ubu singles, but the idea of “Punk” was still to come. And they would indeed be compared favorably to Ubu and TV, along with Big Star and the Ramones. The Scenics would split up in 1982, however.

Then they got back together in 2008, and began releasing recordings old and new. Now their early recordings are being released in the USA for the first time as Light in the Attic releases In The Summer: Studio Recordings 1977/78 on June 17. BLURT is extremely proud to premiere a video from the band, a clip of them performing Badger’s “O Boy” in 1978. Check it out:

The live video footage is synced to the studio recording from October 1977. Says Scenics co-founder Meyers about his partner Badger: “If I had to pick one studio recording as quintessentially “Scenic” … I’d pick O Boy. On one hand it’s catchy, simple, rhythmically tight… you can pick up on what’s happening pretty quickly. On the other hand, it’s not exactly like anything you’ve heard before…  there is something surprising about it. That mixture of being unexpectedly and idiosyncratically us while still loving understandable, catchy songs… that’s basically what the Scenics are about.”


But wait, there’s more: the Scenics will be doing a couple of mini tours this summer, thru the Toronto/ Cleveland/ Chicago and Detroit area in July, and thru the eastern seaboard and up into Montreal in September. It’s the vintage Scenic line-up of Ken and Andy joined by Mark Perkell on drums. They’ll be playing much of In The Summer this summer, incidentally – and wax fans, it is available on sweet black vinyl, too. As the band puts things, “It’s going to be catchy, compelling, and just a bit surprising.”


Scenics Tour Dates

July 6     Hamilton, On   This Ain’t Hollywood

July 7    Toronto, On   Rivoli

July 8    Buffalo NY   Mohawk Place

July 9    Cleveland OH   Beachland Tavern

July 10  Chicago IL   Empty Bottle

July 11  Detroit MI   UFO Factory


Coming in September- Philadelphia, NYC, Jersey, Boston, Montreal. Find out more about the band – as well as what a punk haiku is – at their official website.


Listen to New Cass McCombs (w/Angel Olsen) Track


Something about a refrigerator, snakes and the rain….

By Barbi Martinez

With new album Mangy Love set to drop in August, Cass McCombs is gearing up for… whatever artists gear up for when a new album is about to drop. Hence first single “Opposite House” featuring guest vocals from fellow indie cult-hero(ine) Angel Olsen. Check it out, below.

Watch “Animalistic” New Kills Video



Hungry like the wolf Mk. II…

By Barbi Martinez

It’s titled. appropriately enough, Fire and Ice, and it’s the new Kills album due in June. The first couple of singles have already been released, and now comes a video for the track “Siberian Nights.” It’s directed by actor Giovanni Ribisi. The band commented, saying, “Our dear friend Giovanni Ribisi followed his wonderful imagination and set out to the salt flats, capturing for us, a wild dream scene of run run run, snarling teeth and beautiful eyes. It’s a weird and wonderful, good and evil, chase and hustle blast of film. We hope you enjoy.”  (via Stereogum)

Video: Marty Willson-Piper Live Nashville 5/11/16


Thanks, Marty.

By Fred Mills

Marty Willson-Piper, erstwhile guitarist of Australia’s beloved Church – which, in my opinion, no longer exists, although his estranged bandmate Steve Kilbey is currently touring with a “version” of the Church – has been touring the US of late, including a stop at Blurt’s sister business Schoolkids Records in Raleigh, NC, on May 20. Go HERE to view a dim-but-still-good highlights clip from that gig; as an alumnus of Schoolkids, it kills me that I no longer live in the Triangle and didn’t get to see him on my old stomping grounds.

Below, though, you can check out a set he did with his current touring band Acres of Space a couple of weeks ago in Nashville, on May 11. It’s outstanding, period. And yes, that is Jim Lauderdale intro’ing him on the stage… You can keep up with Willson-Piper’s goings-on at his Facebook page, natch.

Neil Young Talks Trump, Sanders


Those wacky Canadians! Hey, how about the Toronto Raptors, Neil? Above: Young on the lookout for more campaign offenses.

By Uncle Blurt

Over at a somewhat un-Reuters-like video interview can be checked out: Neil Young, holding forth on the American presidential campaign. With new album Earth looming ina few weeks, Young agreed to talk a bit about Donald Trump using “Rockin’ In the Free World” last June. Recall that his management said the usage was not authorized, and Trump countered that he had paid the requisite licensing fees.

Young now comments on Trump:

“The fact that I said I was for Bernie Sanders and then he didn’t ask me to use ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’ doesn’t mean that he can’t use it. He actually got a license to use it. I mean, he said he did and I believe him. So I got nothing against him. You know, once the music goes out, everybody can use it for anything. But if the artist who made it is saying you never spoke to them, if that means something to you, you probably will stop playing it. And it meant something to Donald and he stopped.”

And on Sanders:

“He’s the only one talking about the issues, about issues that matter to me, the issues on my mind – problems of corporate control of democracy and everything slipping away and not being able to have six major companies owning all the media in the United States. I vote in my own way, by making a lot of noise. If you don’t want to listen to me, fine. If you don’t want to vote like I would, don’t. But I still have a voice.”

Young of course won’t be voting in November. He’s Canadian.


Incoming: Expanded 40th Anniversary Edition of 1st Ramones


Back to Mono!

By Barbi Martinez

While Ramones by the Ramones has already been expanded and reissued – the 1976 classic resurfaced, via Rhino, as a 2011 CD containing 8 demos and outtakes – the label is now doing the record proud. Arriving July 29 is a deluxe 40th anniversary edition: the original LP, accompanied by three CDs (stereo remaster, new mono mix from Craig Leon, and rare/unreleased bonus demos, outtakes and live material). Each piece is individually numbered, in an edition of 19,760 copies – but of course! There will also be a 12 x 12 hardcover book with previously unseen photos from Roberta Bayley, production notes from Leon, and an essay by journalist Mitchell Cohen.

The live disc features the two shows the band performed on Aug. 12, 1976 at L.A.’s Roxy; the first show has previously been released, but the second one has not been (although it has been bootlegged). The vinyl, incidentally, is the new mono mix. Says Leon, “The earliest mixes of the album were virtually mono. We had an idea to record at Abbey Road and do both a mono and stereo version of the album, which was unheard of at the time. I’m thrilled that now, 40 years later, we followed through on that original idea.”

At the Ramones official store, Leon noted, “The earliest mixes of the album were virtually mono,” says Leon. “We had an idea to record at Abbey Road and do both a mono and stereo version of the album, which was unheard of at the time. I’m thrilled that now, 40 years later, we followed through on that original idea.”


Disc One: Original Album

Stereo Version

1. Blitzkrieg Bop
2. Beat On The Brat
3. Judy Is A Punk
4. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
5. Chain Saw
6. Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
7. I Don’t Wanna Go Down To The Basement
8. Loudmouth
9. Havana Affair
10. Listen To My Heart
11. 53rd & 3rd
12. Let’s Dance
13. I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You
14. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World

40th Anniversary Mono Mix

15. Blitzkrieg Bop
16. Beat On The Brat
17. Judy Is A Punk
18. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
19. Chain Saw
20. Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
21. I Don’t Wanna Go Down To The Basement
22. Loudmouth
23. Havana Affair
24. Listen To My Heart
25. 53rd & 3rd
26. Let’s Dance
27. I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You
28. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The WorldDisc Two: Single Mixes, Outtakes, and Demos

1. Blitzkrieg Bop (Original Stereo Single Version)
2. Blitzkrieg Bop (Original Mono Single Version)
3. Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Original Stereo Single Version)
4. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Original Mono Single Version)
5. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World (Original Uncensored Vocals)*
6. I Don’t Care (Demo)
7. 53rd & 3rd (Demo)*
8. Loudmouth (Demo)*
9. Chain Saw (Demo)*
10. You Never Should Have Opened That Door (Demo)
11. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Demo)*

12. I Can’t Be (Demo)
13. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World (Demo)*
14. I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You (Demo)*
15. Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (Demo)
16. I Don’t Wanna Be Learned/I Don’t Wanna Be Tamed (Demo)
17. You’re Gonna Kill That Girl (Demo)*
18. What’s Your Name (Demo)
Disc Three: Live at The Roxy (8/12/76)
Set One1. Loudmouth
2. Beat On The Brat
3. Blitzkrieg Bop
4. I Remember You
5. Glad To See You Go
6. Chain Saw
7. 53rd & 3rd
8. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
9. Havana Affair
10. Listen To My Heart
11. California Sun

2. Judy Is A Punk
13. I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You
14. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World
15. Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
16. Let’s Dance

Set Two

17. Loudmouth*
18. Beat On The Brat*
19. Blitzkrieg Bop*
20. I Remember You*
21. Glad To See You Go*
22. Chain Saw*
23. 53rd & 3rd*
24. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend*
25. Havana Affair*
26. Listen To My Heart*
27. California Sun*
28. Judy Is A Punk*
29. I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You*
30. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World*
31. Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue*
32. Let’s Dance*

40th Anniversary Mono Mix
LP Track Listing1. Blitzkrieg Bop*
2. Beat On The Brat*
3. Judy Is A Punk*
4. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend*
5. Chain Saw*
6. Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue*
7. I Don’t Wanna Go Down To The Basement*
8. Loudmouth*
9. Havana Affair*
10. Listen To My Heart*
11. 53rd & 3rd*
12. Let’s Dance*
13. I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You*
14. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World*

* Previously Unreleased