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George Clinton Enlists Kendrick Lamar & Ice Cube for new P-funk Video


It ain’t that funkin’ spacey, but you still might blast off….

By Blurt Staff

Yeah, it’s nutty. Yeah, it’s funky. “Ain’t That Funkin’ Kind of Hard On You?” is the new George Clinton video, which can broadly be cast under the Funkadelic umbrella, not to mention the broad shadows cast by Ice Cube and Kendrick Lamar, who guest. As you will quickly discern, the mothership is in orbit once again, so to speak. Check it out, below:

MP3: Download Noel Gallagher’s 3/20/16 Lollapalooza Chile Show


“Half a world away” – literally, for this high-quality audio broadcast.

By Uncle Blurt

Oasis: you may have heard of ‘em. Noel Gallagher was an integral part, to say the least; he’s the brother of what’s-his-name. But now he’s fronting his band the High Flying Birds, who put out a superb album last year and continue to tour behind it to much acclaim.

MP3: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Lollapalooza Chile, Vtr Stage, Parque O’Higgins, Santiago, Chile; March 20, 2016

Earlier this week the band appeared at the Chilean version of Lollapalooza, and the show was also an HD webcast. Over at Big O zine they’ve posted MP3s of the band’s set, and it’s a bloody corker as our friends in the UK might say. Click the above link to access the MP3s, and you can also grab downloadable artwork to, uh, boot. Full tracklisting is below – the band played several Oasis covers, that sound like the band never even left. Who needs what’s-his-name anyway?

      Track 01
. Intro 1:05 (1.8MB)
      Track 02
. Everybody’s on the Run 5:13 (8.8MB)
      Track 03
. Lock All the Doors 3:35 (6.0MB)
      Track 04
. In the Heat of the Moment 3:55 (6.6MB)
      Track 05
. Riverman 5:50 (9.8MB)
      Track 06
. The Death of You and Me 3:26 (5.8MB)
      Track 07
. You Know We Can’t Go Back 4:20 (7.3MB)
      Track 08
. Champagne Supernova (Oasis cover) 6:48 (11.4MB)
      Track 09
. Half the World Away (Oasis cover) 3:37 (6.1MB)
      Track 10
. Listen Up (Oasis cover) 5:14 (8.8MB)
      Track 11
. The Mexican 3:57 (6.6MB)
      Track 12
. Digsy’s Dinner (Oasis cover) 2:33 (4.3MB)
      Track 13
. If I Had a Gun 4:01 (6.8MB)
      Track 14
. Wonderwall (Oasis cover) 4:13 (7.1MB)
      Track 15
. AKA… What a Life! 4:58 (8.3MB)
      Track 16
. Don’t Look Back in Anger (Oasis cover) 5:47 (9.7MB)


Todd Rundgren on XTC’s Andy Partridge: “What a pussy… a prick.”

Todd Rundgren

Not exactly a hip-hop beef, and no one has been shot in a drive-by, at least not yet. Dear God, please make these people shut up already.

By Uncle Blurt

Meow! That hissing and clawing sound? It’s the legendary Todd Rundgren, ripping the semi-legendary Andy Partridge, of cult heroes XTC, a new one. As Ultimate Classic Rock is reporting, Rundgren recently appeared on the “WTF?” Marc Maron podcast, and when they were discussing his production work on XTC’s breakthrough album from ’86, Skylarking, Rundgren addressed the age-old matter of how he clashed with the XTC frontman during the sessions.

Specifically, the “Dear God” controversy, in which Rundgren’s instincts told him it was a very strong song, but Partridge, fearing a backlash due to its perceived anti-religion theme, insisted on keeping it off the album and relegating it to B-side status. As we all know, the song became a surprise radio hit, necessitating everyone to go back and remaster the album in order to include the track on the second pressing.


Noted Rundgren, “I think 60 percent of the band trusted me, but Andy never trusted me…He was afraid that there would be repercussions personally for him for taking on such a thorny subject. What a pussy. … I called them and said, ‘This is a mistake.”

Rundgren added that he thinks Partridge has never owned up to his producer’s instincts ultimately being correct, claiming instead that the original mastering job was inferior. According to Rundgren, “He’s such a brat, even at his age. I think it’s total bullshit. But if such a thing existed, it’s because they changed the running order on it and had to remaster it – and I had nothing to do with it. What a prick.”

Better Grab that New Floating Action 2LP Set Pronto….



… because it just may have sold out while you were reading this….

By Fred Mills

Blink & You Missed It. Dept.: Although last year’s brilliant Body Questions and the accompanying “Unrevenged” single are generally assumed to be the most recent output from the ever-eclectic Seth Kauffman, aka North Carolina’s Floating Action, fans who have really been paying attention have been quietly scooping up copies of the just-released, limited edition 2LP set Hold Your Fire, released by Tucson label Baby Gas Mask  Records in collaboration with PIAPTK and Solid Gold Extended Services Division.

You can probably discern why from the photo, above. Sweet! It’s a limited edition of 300, along with about 50 copies that were hand-screened and –painted by Kauffman, and to make that “sweet” even sweeter, those super-limited copies come with a semi-flexi lathe cut 7”, “My Blood is Bright Red.”

It has officially SOLD OUT at the label, although copies are still, er, floating around out there in the hinterlands (yours truly snagged a copy yesterday at a local independent store). The product description: “21 new songs from singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/studio-wizard Seth Kauffman including guest vocal appearances from Jim James [My Morning Jacket], Angel Olsen and Shannon Whitworth. The standard edition comes housed in a hand-assembled, Taiwanese-style jackets. All editions are pressed on gorgeous splatter vinyl in random combinations of Green, Silver, Blue, Yellow, and Clear, hand-thrown by Mike Dixon of PIAPTK.”

Happy eBaying, punters…

The Blurt Guide to Album Review Ratings v.2016


So you wanna know what we mean when we review some artist’s latest brain fart and assign a “3” rating, do ya? Oh, you are so gonna regret asking….

By Thee Editors

Ed. note: Awhile back, we published the FIRST Blurt Guide to CD Ratings in which official Blurt meta-critic Bill Holmes, having asked us why we assigned starred ratings—at the time, from 1 to 10 stars; no fractions or half stars—to the CDs we review (our kneejerk response ran along lines of, “Somebody eventually had to assign a one-star rating to John Mayer’s last album…”) offered a remarkably lucid breakdown of what one star versus ten stars means, and all those pesky stars in between. In that manner, you, dear readers, were finally able to know what we REALLY thought when you spotted a review on the site or in the magazine without every bothering to read the actual review. In this TMI, OMG, LOL era of 8-second-attention-span Millennials, those so-called “meaningless” stars actually mean something, eh? Why read when you can graze?

Truth be told, however, star ratings sucked then, and they still suck, and we only do it because we have to if we wanna get picked up by aggregators. Although we did take some of the hurt out of it around 2012 when we decided to ditch the unwieldy 10 possibilities and just go with a solid 5. Below, you can see what 1 through 5 mean in the present scheme of things—with a knowing nod and a tip of the critical hat to Holmes, of course, whose original list we have hereby adapted. Enjoy!


5—An essential classic that will transcend its era. Think BLONDE ON BLONDE or STICKY FINGERS. You’d get in a bar fight to defend your rating years later. (Would you really do that to defend that 5 you gave Lorde?). You consider getting a tattoo of the album title on your bicep. And it’s possibly the apex of an artist’s career (assuming the artist is great – Kenny G’s best album could be a 1), and a no-brainer purchase for fanatics of the genre. Lands on your Best of the Year list without hesitation. And critics: it is understood that you stake your reputation on your choice of ratings, and that 20 years from now, you will still give it a “5” or you’ll otherwise offer to buy back every copy that was purchased during those 20 years on your recommendation.

4—Among the best of the artist/genre; you’d definitely refer to this album when trying to convince someone to give the artist a shot. Not perfect, but the good outweighs the momentary bad parts, and you will never feel like you wasted your money on the purchase. And critics: speaking of money, by giving it a “4” you pledge to hang on to this record regardless of what financial condition you ever find yourself in, and no matter how much it may one day go for on eBay.

3—Enjoyable for fans of the genre, but average for others. Not going to convert the skeptical, but a fan will be glad you made them aware of it. Yes, it’s “average,” but you keep it even though you probably only play it when you come across it in the stack. You won’t look for
it on purpose that often. And critics: by giving it a “3” it is understood that you are hedging your bets and not being too harsh on the artist because you know that at some point in the future you will either encounter the artist (and don’t want to get punched out), or you’ll want to score some more freebies from his publicist or label (so you want to stay on their good side).

2—Momentary pleasures, won’t last – not awful, but in no way memorable. Gathers dust. Borderline bland, dull, or nondescript. You’d sell it if you could only find a sucker. And critics: You are essentially announcing to the world that by giving it a “2” you immediately listed it on Discogs, or you put it in that box you use to collect stuff for taking down to the local used record store in hopes of getting at least 25 cents for it.

1—Real problems, poor effort, lazy release. You are pissed that you spent the money and/or wasted your time, and you make a point to tell everyone it sucks. In fact, you will even label it horrible, embarrassing, and vapid. Hire a lawyer and sue the artist for damages. And critics: On that rare occasion that you actually grow a set of balls and tell it like it is by giving it a “1” you are making it clear that you are either (a) nursing a personal beef with the artist and defiantly using your bully pulpit to get back at him; or (b) you are finally retiring from the music journalism business because after giving enough “1” ratings no record label on the planet would be dumb enough to keep sending you free swag. Forget ever scoring concert tickets, too.



Video: Watch Snaky new Chelsea Wolfe Clip


Definitely not related o Ray Wylie Hubbard’s “Snake Farm”…

By Barbi Martinez

Chelsea Wolfe has a new single and video -It’s titled “Hypnos” and it’s due out in early April as a standalone 45, as it is not on her album from last year, Abyss. Check it out, below.

The “Hypnos” / “Flame” 7″ will come with a download card that also include 3 additional Abyss demos bonus tracks.

Tweedy + Courtney Barnett = David Bowie?


The short answer: Yes. Memo to Jeff Tweedy: Don’t wear that Stetson when you are doing a Bowie song. Just sayin’….

By Uncle Blurt

I grew up on David Bowie; please don’t ask me about that Ziggy hairdo I was rocking circa ’73, particularly given the shiny bowling ball dome I sport nowadays. Still…

In Melbourne last night (March 20), our pals in Tweedy (Wilco’s Jeff, and Jeff’s son Spencer, natch) hooked up with – term used non-sexually, ya perverts! – their guest, Aussie rock/roots maven (and BLURT Artist Of the Year 2015) Courtney Barnett, during encores to co David Bowie’s timeless, and topical, “Queen Bitch.” Courtesy Pitchfork you may check out some clips, should you dare. [Photo Credit:]

Tweedy + Courtney Barnett + Bowie. ⭐️⚡️#tweedy #courtneybarnett #bowie #wilco #melbournerecitalcentre #mrc

A video posted by Rebecca Cochrane (@bexiebooboo) on

That Liars Remix of New Order is Quite Good


By Barbi Martinez

Although it’s been two years since Liars’ last record (2014’s Mess), the Mute Recs band hasn’t been exactly dormant – proof additionally arriving via a new remix of New Order’s “Singularity.” They describe it as “imagining New Order as teenagers in 2016,” whatever that means. The original version is on last fall’s Music Complete.

Verbiage aside, it’s a pretty good overhaul of the veteran English band, whose recently launched website called Singularity: The Influence of New Order aims to keep track of all the sundry tribs, remixes and (presumably) blatant ripoffs pointed in their direction.

Drake Is Latest Celeb to Suck Up to SXSW Attendees For Cred



Give the brother some Doritos and send him on his way…

By Barbi Martinez

Hey, who wouldn’t like a backrub from Drake? But I could have done without him bumrushing this year’s SXSW, because each year it seems like yet another A+++ lister makes a “surprise” appearance in Austin in a shameless bid for some vague notion of indie cred. Whatevs…

As Rolling Stone reports:

Drake gave a surprise performance at Fader Fort during South by Southwest in Austin, TX, on Saturday. As Fader reports, his six-song set closed out the night’s festivities following performances from his OVO crew, which included Dvsn, Roy Woods, Majid Jordan and Partynextdoor. “I got nothing else to do but be here with you all in Austin,” Drake said.

Yeah, right. Drake has about as much to do with SXSW as Lady Gaga and Doritos have to do with it, and… oh, wait… nevermind. Maybe Perez Hilton can decipher this lame mess for us, hmmm?
Somebody’s marketing and P.R. agent was working overtime on this. A “win” for the mainstream R&B crooner? You’ll have to ask The Fader. Luckily I was able to get out of there before I got scrunched in the ankle by a bunch of stillettos… and I still got to see Iggy Pop and Josh Homme play this wee at an impossible-to-get-in show, along with Soul Asylum at the BLURT day party. Boo-yah!

Gunshots Fired Early This Morning at SXSW in Austin (w/Video)


Revives memories of the tragic car crash two years ago during SXSW that killed four attendees.

By Blurt Staff

USA Today and other media outlets reported earlier today that early this morning (Sun, March 20), at around 1:30 am CT, an individual was arrested following a gunfire incident in the vicinity of Sixth Avenue and Trinity Street in Austin – right in the heart of SXSW. The USAT item posted, in part:

Officers recovered a gun around the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Trinity Street near Trinity Hall at Old School Bar & Grill, where Austin-based rock group Hour Band was playing a free SXSW show. No injuries were reported, according to a tweet from the Austin Police Department. The suspect was “captured,” but police did not give more details about the suspect and charges.

“Everybody just started running, screaming ‘oh my goodness,'” said Sean Smith, 37, who was working as a security guard for a SXSW vendor.

Full details have yet to be disclosed. The Austin Police Department tweeted the following:

APD on scene at shots fired call at 6th and Trinity. Suspect fired rounds into air, no injuries. Suspect captured and gun recovered. WC 6 — Austin Police Dept (@Austin_Police) March 20, 2016

Subsequently, an understandably chaotic video clip surfaced related to the incident: