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Happy Thanksgiving! Download Live Spirit Concert from ’81

Randy c

By Uncle  Blurt

Each year we give thanks for those who are no longer with us but who provided endless hours of musical inspiration during their lifetimes – and none loom larger than Spirit, whose mighty guitarist Randy California passed away in a tragic drowning accident in 1997. So it was gratifying to learn that the ever-diligent archivists over at the Big O Zine have posted a free MP3 download of a choice Spirit concert originally broadcast over the radio in Germany on May 17, 1981. Many of the group’s classics are covered – “Nature’s Way,” “Animal Zoo,” etc. Not to mention a killer cover of Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower.

Grab it at Big O. Tracklist is below.

      Track 01
. 1984 3:42 (6.2MB)
      Track 02
. Five In The Morning 3:21 (5.6MB)
      Track 03
. Animal Zoo 3:52 (6.5MB)
      Track 04
. Nature’s Way 3:27 (5.8MB)
      Track 05
. Turn To The Right 4:00 (6.7MB)
      Track 06
. Hey Joe 8:05 (13.6MB)
      Track 07
. Fish Fry Road 3:31 (5.9MB)
      Track 08
. All The Same (including Drum Solo) 6:22 (10.7MB)
      Track 09
. I Got A Line On You 2:47 (4.7MB)
      Track 10
. All Along The Watchtower 6:40 (11.2MB)

Blind Idiot God Returns; New LP Produced by Bill Laswell

Blind Idiot God

Slated for early 2015 release from the heavy skronk merchants.

By Blurt Staff

Indivisible Music is eyeing a release date sometime early next year for a new Blind Idiot God (BIG) studio album co-produced by Bill Laswell. “Andy Hawkins is a nut, a perfectionist for his amplification and the guitar, and we recorded it right,” Laswell explains about the new record. “Every detail is there. It’s probably the best thing they’ve done.”

The 74-minute opus titled Before Ever After will boast gatefold double-vinyl LP artwork created by artist Seldon Hunt (Neurosis, Earth, Melvins, Sunn). The band: Hawkins on guitar and Tim Wyskida (Khanate) on drums; Gabe Katz, the band’s original bass player is featured on the album but moving forward Will Dahl is the band’s new bass player live and in the studio. “Moving from the studio to the stage is always great,” Hawkins explains, of the band’s intent to tour throughout 2015. “The music opens up dynamically, both performance wise and sonically. The human ear has a much greater dynamic range than any recorded medium and we excel at taking full advantage of that fact.”

The band has three previous studio full-lengths, two EPs and has been featured on several film soundtracks, including the opening credits for the Alex Winter cult film Freaked (with Henry Rollins on the track as guest vocalist). “I was able to record with them once,” says Rollins, “I know it is rare for them to have vocals in their music, so I felt lucky to have been an exception. I remain a fan.” Three tracks from the album (“Barrage,” “High And Mighty,” and “Shutdown”) are featured in Alex Winters’ new HBO documentary about the rise and fall of Napster titled, Downloaded. “One of the most revered and influential bands to come out of the SST era,” Alex Winter enthuses, “they are as great and bold today, as ever. This is a spectacular album.”


  1. “Twenty Four Hour Dawn,” 2. “Night Driver,” 3. “Antiquity,” 4. “Earthmover,” 5. “FUB,” 6. “Barrage,” 7. “High and Mighty,” 8. “Voice of the Structure,” 9. “Under the Weight,” 10. “Ramshackle,” 11. “Wheels of Progress,” 12. “Strung,” and 13. “Shutdown.”


Watch Gov’t Mule Cover Pink Floyd’s “Money”



From upcoming live CD featuring a slew of Floyd-age…

 By Blurt Staff

As we not-so-subtly hinted in our recent review of Gov’t Mule’s album of Rolling Stones covers, the band also is about to drop a bigass album titled Dark Side of the Mule that features a smokin’ set of Pink Floyd tunes. Due December 8, it will be available as a single CD or 2-LP set, and also as a deluxe 3CD/DVD collection that includes the entire Halloween ’08 concert at Boston’s Orpheum Theatre. Below, watch ‘em do “Money,” which we suspect you may have heard at some point in your life…

DJ Shadow’s Label Preps Debut from Bleep Bloop

Bleep Bloop

Making waves, yes.

By Blurt Staff

DJ Shadow recently launched his own imprint, Liquid Amber, with the release of his first originally recorded material since 2011, an EP of the same title. The imprint is also a platform for Shadow to release and support music from artists he follows and believes in, the first of which is from fellow California native, Bleep Bloop (Aaron Triggs), with his 3-track EP ’10 Watt Lazers’ set for release on December 9, which follows a slew of original tracks, remixes, and collaborations (listen to one of them he did with his label head, in fact, below) that made waves through the electronic avant-garde music scene.

Bleep Bloop cd

The backstory: Having grown up listening to Jazz & Blues and artists like Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and Tom Waits, he has combined these inspirations with his fascination of space to, in his words, “take people to the dancefloor in the sky.” The EP’s name was inspired by the kind of lasers used at Burning Man’s Camp Q. Bringing a “crunchy, lazer-filled onslaught of new spacey creations,” Bleep Bloop will be touring through 2015 as well. The tracks on the upcoming EP: “10 Watt Lazers,” “Denial,” “Crushed.”

Video: Best Brooklyn Band Name… Ever! Hand Job Academy


Beats the hell outta “The Strokes,” eh? “Mind-blowingly random” tribute to the not-so-random Lena Dunham.

By Blurt Staff

Brooklyn rap trio Hand Job Academy just dropped a new video for their track “Lena Dunham” with one of our fave mags, Bitch Magazine check it out here, or below. It’s a colorful, mind-blowingly random carnival of circus imagery and colors, featuring badass female performers doing whatever they damn please.

From Clara Bizna$$: “I had the line ‘Academy, steady cummin on your punim. Finna let it all hang out: Lena Dunham.’ in another song that never got recorded. Meg said ‘Lena Dunham’ in the studio in a funny voice, and it became the chorus of a new song. There is no effect on her voice!”

Some background: “Controversial, outspoken, nasty-but-charming, the Academy raps about periods, pop culture, and queerness as well as traditional hip-hop themes of f***g bitches, getting money, and superiority over enemies. Straddling the worlds of comedy and hip-hop, H.J.A. have shared stages with the likes of Big Dipper, Nicky Da B, and Cakes Da Killa, as well as opened for Sasheer Zamata, Janeane Garofalo and Kristen Schaal and multiple appearances on the cult public access TV program, The Chris Gethard Show.”

Well, all right then! Fucking bitches…


Track Premiere: Mark and Mary

Mark Rogers and Mary Byrne by Shervin Lainez 3

Key tune from duo’s recently released debut album…

By Blurt Staff

Mark Rogers and Mary Byrne — aka Mark and Mary — have just dropped their sparkling debut album I Line My Days along Your Weight via the eclectic Important Records label, and you, gentle BLURT readers, are the recipient of an exclusive track premiere from the duo. Check out “Green Gold Violet”:

Some details:

 During the coldest days of January 2014, Mark and Mary cut the tunes that would become I Line My Days. These two were inches apart, facing each other, intent upon listening: a true duet. Weaving together archaic sounds from baritone acoustic, tricone resonator, golden-era flattop, space-age lap steel guitar, upright piano, and hundred-year-old mandolin, the pair created a vibrant new strain. Throughout, Mary sang, emphatic yet unaffected. And every day they loaded up on high-protein bars and piled on multiple layers of clothing for the walk to GaluminumFoil studios because Brooklyn, this past winter, was utterly arctic. But you wouldn’t know it by the warmth of the recordings they made. All the songs were recorded live to two-inch analog tape, the production equivalent of tightrope-walking without a net. Mark and Mary later added minimal touches of lap steel, piano, and electric guitar — but essentially what you hear is what they performed together, start to finish, facing each other.

Rogers and Byrne each grew up on opposite sides of Central Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna River, but their paths did not cross until years later in the explosively creative East Atlanta music scene. From there, the two moved to Brooklyn, where they married, and where Mary earned her MFA in writing from Brooklyn College and Mark quickly became an in-demand stage and session player and music instructor. Their collaboration began in earnest in the days after Hurricane Sandy hit New York in November 2012; with the city at a standstill, the two sketched many of the songs now included on their debut release.

Before this, Mark played with Brooklyn indie-folk band The Loom, with whom he toured and performed as part of Brooklyn Academy of Music’s “Next Wave” series and at Pop Montreal and CMJ. He also was multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with Atlanta’s renowned alt-Americana quartet, Myssouri, whose “War/Love Blues” was selected by Pitchfork as a top album. Mary was lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist for Atlanta trio Hot Young Priest, which toured nationwide; their “Fiendish Freaky Love” (Two Sheds Music) garnered critics’ praise.

More details, tour dates, etc:

Photo credit: Shervin Lainez



Incoming: Destroy All Monsters Box Set


Features the Stooges’ Ron Asheton and MC5’s Mike Davis on certain tracks.

By Blurt Staff

Hot Box 1974-1994 is the name, and Destroy All Monsters is the game: the legendary Detroit combo of both experimental and hi-nrg rawk bent. Across 3LPs or 2CDs, it’s a 31-track anthology of songs remastered from recently discovered tapes, including previously unreleased material. There is also a generously illustrated booklet featuring photos and artwork never seen before. All courtesy of Spain’s estimable Munster label.

The backstory: Destroy All Monsters are known by some for their role as bastion of resistance of Detroit’s rock; for being, during their second period, the band in which Ron Asheton of The Stooges would reappear. For others, they are a pivotal reference point in the copious but relatively unknown avant-garde underground from the same city, after Thurston Moore and Byron Coley dug up their first recordings in 1996 and the original line-up reunited. Destroy All Monsters comprises two complementary and interconnected poles throughout the saga of the Motor City’s music scene, from the University of Michigan’s Cooperative Studio for Electronic Music to The Stooges, through to the White Panther Party.

In its two incarnations, the experimental – led by Cary Loren, Jim Shaw and Mike Kelley – and the high energy one – with Asheton and Michael Davis from MC5 -, both featuring the phantasmagorical Niagara in the role of doped-up priestess, Destroy All Monsters are the object of one of the most devotional cults of America’s cultural underground, as testified by their abundant artistic and record production. “Hot Box 1974-1994″ is the first anthology to bring together the best outcome of those two hemispheres, including much unreleased material.


INTRO (fragment)










IRON MAN (rehearsal fragment) – PARANOID OF BLONDES



NOVEMBER 22, 1963





CD 2















Video Premiere: Brother Dege Rock Doc

Brother Dege3

Captures the Louisiana slide guitarist in full flight on the road with his band.

By Fred Mills

I’ve gone on record as saying I’m a pretty big fan of Southern Louisiana’s Brother Dege, going all the way back to his band Santeria and extending through last year’s masterful solo album How to Kill a Horse, about which I went on record as saying, “Comparisons can be made to the likes of Chris Whitley, J.J. Grey & Mofro, Rocco DeLuca and Rainer Ptacek, most obviously due to Dege’s prominent wielding of resonator guitar, its twinned atmospheric-yet-earthy qualities signifying mystery and spirits alongside elegance and conviction. Too, his vocals, part bluesman’s haunted howl and part folkie’s reassuring croon, convey a remarkable range of emotions that perfectly suit his character-driven tales.”

He’s been touring with his band Brother Dege & the Brethren constantly since the release of that album, and along the way he decided to document those travels. The result is the road documentary Set It Off and we’re damn pleased to unveil it for you here at BLURT:

Dege describes the film as “a love letter to our time in the van and the band together. I didn’t want to hire some fancy film crew to come follow us around and film us in RED HD or some shit and make us look and sound like a tame, well-rehearsed indie rock band. That shit is boring. I’m into the rough, unpredictable, unhinged side of rock & roll…where people cut loose, freak out, and fuck up, but capture an energy that can’t be quantified. Perfect performances are overrated. People have been conditioned to this gridded, TV star-maker side of performance that sucks the unprocessed life and edge out of bands.”

He’s 100% right on that count. It’s a terrific rock doc, and we’ve seen plenty of ‘em in our time.

Dege sums things up, saying Set It Off is about the beauty of the journey and us sharing that with each other and the audience. In some ways, it’s not even about music.”

The band plays a special hometown gig next week – details on that and more shows at the band’s Facebook page.



Will Butler (Arcade Fire) Plans March Solo LP


And it will be on Merge, the more-or-less indie label that releases his mothership’s records. But will it have the Merge logo on the sleeve? Well, that’s his policy, and he’s sticking to it.

By Uncle Blurt

Love ’em, every damn one of those Canadians, and even some of them Lone Star State-ers: that would be the Arcade Fire. And member Will Butler, he with the taller and therefore more prominent brother/member Win Butler, is about to branch out with a solo album. Titled Policy, it will arrive March 10. More details as they are revealed.

Hey, didja see all those videos of Butler solo in Brooklyn from last week (Nov. 12)? We did, right after we heard the news of the album! Watch ’em below, and meanwhile, read our interview from quite awhile back in 2005 with Butler and his merry band of Fire-starters…


Video: Sturgill Simpson Live on “ACL Presents”


Outlaw, insurgent, alternative or otherwise, he’s still tops.

By Barbi Martinez

Over at Stereogum they’ve got a pretty nifty premiere today: a live videoclip of outlaw country upstart Sturgill Simpson performing “Life Of Sin” from his recent hit album. It’s a song from the upcoming Austin City Limits broadcast of AC Presents: Americana Music Festival 2014. The show will also feature Jason Isbell (presumably NOT auditioning for The Voice), Loretta Lynn, Milk Carton Kids, Robert Plant & Patty Griffin (oops…) and others. Check out Sturgill below: