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Irony Is Iggy Pop and Justin Bieber in the Same Headline

Justin Iggy

Amnesty International rules, okay?

By Barbi Martinez, Blurt Intern

Amnesty International is kissing Iggy Pop’s (sweet, if wrinkled) ass – and, by extension, Justin Bieber’s (even sweeter, and blemish-free) ass – via some convoluted machinations that apparently had the charity/activist group inappropriately launching a Belgian anti-torture ad campaign that published a “bloodied and beaten” image of Iggy along with a French language caption purportedly quoting Iggy thusly: “The future of rock & roll is Justin Bieber”. According to Rolling Stone the ad said, “Torture a man, and he will tell you anything.”

Eh? Such as, listening to Justin Bieber? There was also a controversial photo of the Dalai Lama used in the ad, but by this point most folks had already gotten confused enough to switch over to ESPN. Meanwhile, Amnesty released the following statement:

“The overall goal of this campaign is to try to influence people’s ideas on the use of torture,” the statement reads. “According to surveys, a shocking number of people believe that ‘torture may sometimes be useful’; more than 36 percent of people even think that torture is justified in some cases. This is unacceptable, and we illustrate this reality with the message that a man who is tortured will say anything in order to escape this awfulness, using provocative images and statements to attract public attention.

“We would therefore also like to make it clear that the statement attributed to Iggy Pop that he believes Justin Bieber is the future of rock and roll does not represent Iggy Pop’s personal opinion but was part of the creative process for this campaign and was intended to be ironic.”

Iggy, for his part, over at his Twitter account, made hay about the whole kerfluffle. Justin was strangely silent (or perhaps peeing on someone’s lawn).



Popes/Public Good Guitarist Steve Ruppenthal R.I.P.


Gifted songwriter was a lynchpin of the NC music scene and, later, of the D.C. area scene.

By Fred Mills

Very, very sad news arrived today at the BLURT offices that North Carolina musician Steve Ruppenthal passed away yesterday (June 21). The official cause of death has not been announced yet, but it was reportedly a drowning incident while Ruppenthal was on vacation with his family. We’ll update this as news or corrections come in.

Ruppenthal had gotten his start as a guitarist while attending high school in Charlotte, later moving to Chapel Hill where in the early ‘90s he cofounded beloved high-energy power pop combo The Popes. A big college radio fave, the band’s 1988 album Hi We’re the Popes has steadily grown in stature over the years among indie rock aficionados, and in some corners it’s considered one of the great lost artifacts of the pre-Nirvana era of alternative rock.

Later, Ruppenthal and fellow Popes player John Elderkin formed a succession of well-regarded bands, including Stumble and the Lovely Lads. Work and academia subsequently intervened, but a few years ago the hooked back up in Washington DC as The Public Good. Talking to yours truly for a BLURT “Best Kept Secret” indie band profile, Ruppenthal commented on how the indie music scene in general had changed in the years since he began making music, noting, “I miss the demise of a collection of songs as an album, though not ‘concept albums’ (Green Day’s last record – ugh!). And I wish John Lennon, Joe Strummer, and Arthur Lee were still alive.”

We’ll have to add another name of a much loved/much respected musician to that list now.

Photo borrowed from Ruppenthal’s Facebook page, where scores of friends have posted their reactions to the news of his death.

Guided By Beer: Dogfish Head Brewery Unveils New GBV Ale


It’s the champagne of Pollard beers!

By Uncle Blurt

Yer ol’ Uncle loves pounding back the brewskis, particularly when I’m down front at a Guided By Voices show. Ask me sometime about the time Robert Pollard handed me his half-consumed PBR and I chugged it on the spot. But I digress… Here’s a little ol’ news item from BLURT’s buddies at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, who annually co-host our SXSW day parties:


To celebrate that independent spirit and the 20th anniversary of Guided By Voices’ classic album Bee Thousand, Dogfish Head has brewed BEER Thousand. This imperial lager, chosen to echo the copious amounts of lager that fueled GBV’s garage recordings, is brewed with 10 grains and 10 hop varieties, and clocks in at 10% ABV.

10x10x10 = BEER Thousand.

“I can’t believe it’s been 20 years,” says Pollard. “But I’ll drink to that.”


Us too, Bob. Full details can be found on Dogfish Head’s site, including the fact that upon release, the beer will initially be paired with a special ten-song10”record featuring tracks recorded live on 6/25/94 during GBV’s legendary Insects Of Rock tour. And on August 21, GBV will play at theMilton Theater in Milton, DE, in close proximity to Dogfish Head’s production brewery.


Beatles Original Mono LPs to be Reissued in September


Also will be available in limited edition boxed set w/hardbound book, similar to the 2012 stereo collection.

The Beatles in mono:  This is how most listeners first heard the group in the 1960s, when mono was the predominant audio format.  Up until 1968, each Beatles album was given a unique mono and stereo mix, but the group always regarded the mono as primary.  On September 8 (September 9 in North America), The Beatles’ nine U.K. albums, the American-compiled Magical Mystery Tour, and the Mono Masters collection of non-album tracks will be released in mono on 180-gram vinyl LPs with faithfully replicated artwork.  Newly mastered from the analogue master tapes, each album will be available both individually and within a lavish, limited 14-LP boxed edition, The Beatles In Mono, which also includes a 108-page hardbound book.

In an audiophile-minded undertaking, The Beatles’ acclaimed mono albums have been newly mastered for vinyl from quarter-inch master tapes at Abbey Road Studios by GRAMMY®-winning engineer Sean Magee and GRAMMY®-winning mastering supervisor Steve Berkowitz.  While The Beatles In Mono CD boxed set released in 2009 was created from digital remasters, for this new vinyl project, Magee and Berkowitz cut the records without using any digital technology.  Instead, they employed the same procedures used in the 1960s, guided by the original albums and by detailed transfer notes made by the original cutting engineers.

Working in the same room at Abbey Road where most of The Beatles’ albums were initially cut, the pair first dedicated weeks to concentrated listening, fastidiously comparing the master tapes with first pressings of the mono records made in the 1960s.  Using a rigorously tested Studer A80 machine to play back the precious tapes, the new vinyl was cut on a 1980s-era VMS80 lathe.

Manufactured for the world at Optimal Media in Germany, The Beatles’ albums are presented in their original glory, both sonically and in their packaging. The boxed collection’s exclusive 12-inch by 12-inch hardbound book features new essays and a detailed history of the mastering process by award-winning radio producer and author Kevin Howlett.  The book is illustrated with many rare studio photos of The Beatles, fascinating archive documents, and articles and advertisements sourced from 1960s publications.

The Mono Albums: Available individually and collected in a limited 14-LP set accompanied by an exclusive 108-page hardbound book.

Please Please Me

With The Beatles

A Hard Day’s Night

Beatles For Sale


Rubber Soul


Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Magical Mystery Tour

The Beatles (2-LP)

Mono Masters (3-LP)


Warp Records to Mount 25th Anniversary Party in Poland


A press release, yes, but news you can use for sure…

In September 2014 Warp travels to Poland to celebrate its 25th anniversary in the heart of Krakow, teaming with the lauded avant-garde Sacrum Profanum collective and their annual series of events. To begin a week of indelible music, the innovative stalwart Squarepusher will unveil an all-new live show featuring one of Europe’s most distinguished chamber ensembles the Sinfonietta Cracovia. Days later the London Sinfonietta will perform ‘Warp Works and 20th Century Masters’, their acclaimed series of interpretations of works by Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Gyorgy Ligeti, Steve Reich and others.

Warp spent 2009 reflecting on its first twenty years of existence by crafting an essential retrospective box-set in the form of an art object and embarking on a series of international live shows in Sheffield, London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Berlin featuring stunning performances from Broadcast, Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus, Chris Cunningham and many more. A milestone to say the least, and now with a 25th anniversary to celebrate it seems only right to look to the future and use the occasion as an opportunity to draw on twenty five years of groundbreaking art and music and to unite emerging mavericks and boundary-stretching masters in a celebration of what the next quarter century holds for Warp.

So on Saturday, September 20th there will be a party.
Facebook Event:
Warp25 Spotify Playlist:

Battles will play their first live show in nearly three years, presenting brand new material for the first time anywhere – this will be Battles’ only live performance in 2014.

Autechre will perform live for the first time since 2011, locked and loaded with new material to be unleashed for the first time anywhere – this will be Autechre’s only live performance in 2014.

LFO brings his rare and fierce audio-visual set to Krakow. The longtime Bjork collaborator has spent a career redefining rave, and shows no signs of stopping.

Hudson Mohawke emerges from his time in the studio with Kanye West, Drake and his TNGHT project for a dizzyingly genre-averse DJ set that’s sure to be peppered with material from his nearly-completed new album.

Rustie will have designs to bring the house down with an epic live set, full of unstoppable, fizzing energy and teeth-rattling bass – and some heavyweight cuts from his upcoming sophomore LP.

Plaid will reinforce the acclaim of this year’s superb Reachy Prints by aiming squarely for the dancefloor with what is sure to be a richly textured and rambunctious DJ set.

Darkstar come bearing futuristic psychedlia and melodically rich beat constructions for their deep and arresting live show. Future classics abound.

patten is along to mangle minds with his narcotic collision of styles and daredevil approach to de-tuned warehouse jams and split-fractal textures.

Bibio’s singular way with melody and atmosphere will inform his rare DJ set, which will surely feature new productions of his alongside a choice selection of leftfield treasures.

Incoming: Shelved/Unreleased James Brown 3LP Live Album

James Brown Love Power Peace

Parisian concert in 1971 seriously fonked up the French audience. Below, watch a video of the show.

By Blurt Staff

Funk fans can plan on calling in to work sick on July 22: that’s when the 3LP Love Power Peace from James Brown hits stores via Sundazed. It’s a previously unreleased concert in Paris, recorded at the Olympia Theatre March 8, 1971, and it had already been sequenced and mixed by Brown himself but was ultimately held back because, as Sundazed explains, “key band members departed before it could be issued.” In 1992 a CD of the Paris show appeared but it was incomplete and had a different mix not approved by Brown (not to mention having atrociously slapdash sleeve art).

JB reel

Sundazed continues: “It’s a 3-LP set with each disc mastered from the original mixdown reels, and each with a unique name, Love, Power and Peace. Brown and band rip through recent singles like “Sex Machine,” “Super Bad,” “Give It Up or Turnit a Loose” and “Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved” with a metronomic precision laid down by bassist Bootsy Collins and drummer Jabo Starks. “Ain’t It Funky Now” — formerly a slow, simmering groove — is transformed into a fast, funky tour de force in which newbie Catfish Collins unleashes one of the most badass guitar solos ever, while a medley of three other Brown standards (“Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag”/“I Got You (I Feel Good)”/“I Got the Feelin’ ”) blazes by faster than the Godfather of Soul’s personal Learjet.”

The album includes tracks from some of the same show’s supporting artists, and the package features rare photos and tour director Alan Leeds’ own liner notes. Full tracklisting is below.

TRACK LISTING SIDE ONE: Introduction • Brother Rapp • Ain’t It Funky • Georgia On My Mind – Part I

SIDE TWO: Georgia On My Mind – Part II • Sunny • Introduction: Bobby Bird • Signed, Sealed and Delivered • I Need Help – Part I

SIDE THREE: Introduction: Vicki Anderson • Don’t Play It No More • Yesterday • Break and Introduction • Dance & It’s A New Day • Bewildered – Part I

SIDE FOUR: Bewildered – Part II • There Was A Time • Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine • Try Me – Part I

SIDE FIVE: Try Me – Part II • Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag / I Got You / I Got The Feelin’ • Give it Up Or Turnit a Loose • It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World • Who Am I SIDE SIX: Please, Please, Please • Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine • Super Bad • Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved • Soul Power • Get Up, Get Into it, Get Involved • Audience Reaction

Download 2 Great Horace Silver Performances (R.I.P. 1928-2014)


Legendary jazz composer’s classic “Song For My Father” influenced scores of artists.

By Fred Mills

Yesterday (June 18) the music world lost another great: pianist/composer/bandleader/hard bop pioneer Horace Silver, at the age of 85. According to the New York Times Silver passed away “at his home in New Rochelle, N.Y. His death was announced by Blue Note Records, the company for which he recorded from 1952 to 1979.”

His composition “Song for My Father,” of course, is one of jazz’s most iconic numbers. Several other of his tunes were also well-known standards, among them “Senor Blues,” The Preacher,” “Sister Sadie” and “Filthy McNasty.”

Read the full NYT obituary/appreciation at the above link. Meanwhile, over at the ever-diligent Big O Zine they’ve posted a tribute by way of a smokingly fine live MP3 set culled from FM broadcasts, the International Jazz Festival Juan-les-Pins, Antibes, France; July 26, 1969, and the Internationales Finnisches JazzFest, Finland; July 14, 1973. Silver’s ensembles for those dates included the estimable likes of Randy Brecker, Michael Brecker and Billy Cobham. Grab the tracks at the following link, along with downloadable artwork should you want to burn the tracks to CDR:

Horace Silver Live 1969/1973

Big O adds the following note:While non-jazz fans might not be aware of Horace Silver, his ‘Song For My Father’ has had a noticeable impact in pop music. The wikipedia noted: The opening bass piano notes were borrowed by Steely Dan for their song “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number”, while the opening horn riff was borrowed by Stevie Wonder for his song “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing”. Earth Wind & Fire also borrowed the opening bass notes for their song “Clover”. In the booklet of their box set, Paul Weller noted that he ‘nicked ‘the chords for the Style Council’s 1984 song ‘Me Ship Came In!’”

MP3: Grab Jack White’s Complete Bonnaroo ’14 Set


Now that’s what we call speedy service!

By Uncle Blurt

Having missed Bonnaroo once again –  instead of sitting in a broiling, humidity-drenched field out in the middle of Tennessee in June, I was at home in the La-Z-Boy, sucking down PBRs and watching college baseball on ESPN2 – I am still kicking myself for not being privy to what’s being called an electrifying set from Jack White. Luckily there are plenty of YouTube clips available, some of them pretty good (like the ones below), and now there’s the entire show available as an audio download. Some are calling it a soundboard recording, but it’s probably just audio taken from the hi-def webcast.

Hey, there’s even a Led Zep cover alongside White Stripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather and White solo material. Big ups to the enterprising White fan coterie over at this Reddit link and this other like at for posting the links.


Icky Thump (The White Stripes)
High Ball Stepper (Solo)
Lazaretto (Solo)
Hotel Yorba (The White Stripes)
Temporary Ground (Solo)
Missing Pieces (Solo)
Steady, As She Goes (The Raconteurs)
Top Yourself (The Raconteurs)
I’m Slowly Turning Into You (The White Stripes)
Freedom at 21 (Solo)
Three Women (Solo)
You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told) (The White Stripes)
We’re Going to Be Friends (The White Stripes)
Alone in My Home (Solo)
Ball and Biscuit (The White Stripes)
The Lemon Song (Led Zeppelin cover)
The Hardest Button to Button (The White Stripes)
Hello Operator (The White Stripes)
Misirlou (Dick Dale and His Del-Tones cover)
Sixteen Saltines (Solo)
Cannon (The White Stripes)
Blue Blood Blues (The Dead Weather)
Astro (The White Stripes)
Love Interruption (Solo)
Little Bird (The White Stripes)
Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes)


Watch Angel Olsen Live on Letterman Show


A star is truly born.

By Blurt Staff

Still riding high on the overwhelming critical success of her latest album Burn Your Fire for No Witness, indie songstress Angel Olsen hit the Late Show with David Letterman stage last night with a vengeance. She made the most of her late night TV debut, doing “Hi-Five.” Check it out:

Tour Dates:

 Fri. July 25 – Sun. July 27 – Seattle, WA @ Capitol Hill Block Party

Mon. July 28 – Victoria, BC @ Club 9ONE9

Wed. July 30 – Spokane, WA @ The Bartlett

Thu. July 31 – Boise, ID @ Neurolux

Fri. Aug. 1 – Sun. Aug. 3 – Happy Valley, OR @ Pickathon

Tue. Aug. 5 – Big Sur, CA @ Henry Miller Library – Woodsist Festival

Sat. Aug. 9 – Oslo, NO @ Øya Festival

Tue. Aug. 12 – Luxembourg @ EXIT07 (Congés Annulés)

Thu. Aug. 14 – St. Malo, FR @ La Route du Rock Festival

Sat. Aug. 16 – Brecon, UK @ Green Man Festival

Tue. Sep. 16 – Stockholm, SE @ Kagelbanan

Wed. Sep. 17 – Copenhagen, DK @ Lille Vega

Thu. Sep. 18 – Hamburg, DE @ Reeperbahnfestival

Fri. Sep. 19 – Tilburg, NL @ Incubate Festival

Sat. Sep. 20 – Utrecht, NL @ Ekko

Mon. Sep. 22 – Leeds, UK @ Brudenell Social Club

Tue. Sep. 23 – Manchester, UK @ Deaf Institute

Wed. Sep. 24 – Newcastle, UK @ The Cluny

Thu. Sep. 25 – London, UK @ Electric Ballroom

Sat. Sep. 27 – Bordeaux, FR @ Krakatoa

Wed. Oct. 1 – Lyon, FR @ L’Epicerie Moderne

Thu. Oct. 2 – Milano, IT @ Biko

Fri. Oct. 3 – Bologna, IT @ Covo

Sat. Oct. 4 – Zuerich, CH @ Exil

Mon. Oct. 6 – Vienna, AT @ WUK

Tue. Oct. 7 – Munich, DE @ Feierwerk

Wed. Oct. 8 – Berlin, DE @ Bi Nuu

Thu. Oct. 9 – Frankfurt, DE @ Brotfabrik

Fri. Oct. 10 – Brussels, BE @ AB



Ryan Adams Commences New 7” Single Series


Also begins tentative dip back into regular performing.

By Blurt Staff

Ryan Adams has confirmed July 1 as the release date of the first in a series of 7″ vinyl singles on his own Pax-Am label.

“Gimme Something Good” b/w “Aching For More” drops July 1. It’s the first Ryan Adams Pax-Am exclusive since 2012’s 15-LP Live After Deaf box set, which sold out its entire pressing in eight minutes.

Additionally, Adams will be headlining July 25 at the annual Newport Folk Festival and July 26 at the Xponential Music Festival in Camden NJ.