Uncle Blurt: Meet the Babes of Blurt!

Sasha Grey Blurt Shurt

We never looked better! Above: porn star and rocker Sasha Grey.

By Uncle Blurt

Over the holiday weekend I was thumbing through some of this magazine’s back pages and was struck by the sheer, lithesome pulchritude of the visions of femininity displayed below. I have no idea what “lithesome pulchritude” means but it sounds sexy, so that’s my term and I’m sticking with it. At some point between 2008 and 2009 each of these young ladies took time out from her busy day to disrobe (!) and don an official BLURT shurt, clearly willing and eager to, er, promote our wares. That’s OUR wares, pal, get your mind out of the gutter! And if that earlier sentence sounds blatantly sexist, well, keep in mind the old Spinal Tap dictum about sexy and sexist, then note that this is a rock ‘n’ roll mag, not a buncha politically correct crud like Mother Jones.

In addition to the nubile Ms. Grey, above, here’s erstwhile jamband rocker and modern-day pop kitten Grace Potter, of Grace Potter & the Nocturnals (sharp-eyed readers will recall that Potter posed sans clothing, draped in naught but an American flag, in our printed predecessor Harp magazine; email us if you want to view outtakes from that classic photo session and we will put it under consideration):

Grace Potter Blurt Shurt

Next up: singer/songwriter Juliette Commagere, formerly of Hello Stranger, and the wife of Joachim Cooder (we haven’t heard from her since 2010’s awesome The Procession album, but still have hopes for new material soon):

Juliette Commagere Blurt Shurt

And last but not least, the eternally gorgeous Danielle Wald, who if our eyes don’t deceive us is rocking the highly sought-after, limited edition grey BLURT tee, the one that now commands big bucks on eBay; the fact that several boxes of said shirts were recently discovered stashed away in a closet in the offices of JazzTimes magazine (which was the partner publication of Harp – yes, this gets complicated, don’t ask), may force those prices to drop, but rest assured that anyone in possession of one of those itchy 50/50 tees still has a collector’s item, in a fashion:

Danielle Wald Blurt Shurt


Ladies, we love every one of you, and hope you will appreciate this long overdue tribute. Thank you for your service to this magazine, and many happy returns.



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